Saturday, June 18, 2011


This post isn't going to be lengthy in words. The pre-surgery, surgery, and post-surgery appointments were pretty much the same as the other two.

The last surgery was performed on May 20. Unfortunately, my husband was unable to attend my youngest son's kindergarten graduation, due to the surgery. I was sorry he missed it, but sometimes, a family must handle two big events at the same time.

The surgery was a one-day ordeal. He went in the late morning and was home around 6:30 that evening.

Basically, some cartilage was taken from his *good* ear and placed on his new ear. This was used to create a *bowl* to make it look like DS #3 has an ear canal.

The most common question we get is, "Can he hear?"

The answer is, "Yes." However, it is muffled. If you were to put your finger in your ear, that is how he hears. We do not know the level (how many decibels), but we do know there is hearing.

The way this *one-sided* hearing affects him is that he cannot hear in-stereo. An easier way to say it is that if one were to walk in behind him and speak, he would hear the voice, but would have to look for the voice. I will always have to tell his teachers that they have to be sure he is watching them when they speak directly to him. He is learning to, but doesn't always hone in on the teacher.

We could, if we find it necessary, get a cochlear implant. We are not sure, as yet. We will need to get his hearing tested. Right now, his hearing in his *good* ear is perfect. His speech and language are developing nicely. His grades are quite good and he excels in reading. In fact, we just found out that his reading and comprehension level are at end of 5th grade. As long as his education, and speech, do not suffer, there shouldn't be a need.

This next year will be the first year that people will not be able to tell that there is some sort of hearing deficit. I will always have to contact the teachers with this information so that proper steps can be taken to ensure his academic success.

A week after the surgery, we took DS #3 back to the doctor to get the bandages removed.

That's it.

He goes back in 6 months for a check and then a year after that.

Seven years of his little ear...... done.

Well, without further ado.... let me get some pictures up here.

Every visit has a cupcake, cookie, or ice cream!

One week after surgery.

For anyone thinking about using Dr. Fearon. He is a wonderful doctor. He has changed my son's life! I truly believe that God led us to him.

Bandages have been removed. DS #s 4, 2, 3, and 1 striking a pose.

Of course..... ice cream!

This is one happy kid!

Thank you for following us through this journey. Please, if there are any questions you may have, leave a comment. I can either answer through comments or contact you personally. I will not release personal information through the blog. You may leave a comment with your email address. I will respond, but will not post your address.

God bless you all!

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Anonymous said...

I have read through most of your blogs and truly believe that God is with u and yoir beautiful family! Would love to hear from u sometime! your blogs, although i just found them, have made my heart smile!