Monday, January 21, 2013



Today is Martin Luther King Day.

Today is barry's 2nd inauguration.

Today, I am cleaning house.

I hate politics....really, I do. The only Presidents I have liked (since I have been old enough to know are Reagan, Bush 41, and W. Out of those, I have only ever voted for 1 sitting Prez.....W. (I was too young for the other 2.)

Even when it is someone I like, I don't enjoy watching the committees, the ads, the debates, the speeches.....none of that. NOR do I like to watch the other inaugurations.

My *boycott* for today has nothing to do with the fact that the human taking office is, in my opinion, lower than the ground I walk on. I wouldn't watch it.....period.

It bores me.

I's unAmerican.

They bore me....AND, they make me mad. They make me mad when I hear what I know to be lies. They make me mad when I see the hypocrisy of the others in attendance. They make me mad when I see how much money they are spending on the pomp and circumstance.....and the *shovel ready* jobs they promoted for years are still just a promotion.

He makes me ill. I have nothing....NOTHING....nice to say about the administration. And, that makes me sad. I pray for him because I am supposed to.....but is hard to do even that.

SO, with that being said.....I will go do laundry.


Kaira said...

He is the worst, the absolute worst, president America has ever seen. I watched about 15 minutes but was so turned off by how classless the 1st family is... let's pray our country AND OUR CONSTITUTION survive the next 4 years without losing all of our rights and liberties.

~LL~ said...


TinaF said...

I agree LL...

Dawn Marie said...

It's not unAmerican to not like this man. He is horrible!