Wednesday, January 23, 2013


  • I thought it would be a bit different.
  • Sometimes I just need to write THINGS.
  • ...but not be so coherent about it.
  • The school shootings are getting out of hand.
  • Satan is on the prowl.
  • It disgusts me.
  • barry o. disgusts me.
  • Trolls disgust me.
  • Though my last troll made me laugh.
  • He said I was addicted to fast food and sweet tea.
  • I'm watching "Hunger Games" as I type.
  • Disturbing film, that.
  • My Christmas tree is still up.
  • Don't judge.
  • BUT, if you were to ask yourself, "Who would still have their tree up?"
  • You would say "~LL~."
  • My hubby is still home.
  • Still.
  • I do love it, though.
  • Until February 3rd.
  • When we take a pay cut.
  • Because, he will STILL be home.
  • He will be home for my birthday.
  • He will be home for HIS birthday.
  • I don't know that we have ever had that.
  • Well, not in the last several years, anyway.
  • I'm trying to renew my teaching certificate.
  • Might be hard, as I don't have any CE hours.
  • I need 150.
  • My Project List is still slow.
  • But, I'm working on it.
  • Do you see my side bar?
  • I put my book list there.
  • I added more. 
  • I will strike through them when they are read.
  • It is lofty.
  • I predict reading half that.
  • But, I will try.
  • I hope to increase my readership.
  • Without the trolls.
  • I should go. 
  • Good night.


Laurel Santiago said...

We should put together some sort of blog party. :)

TinaF said...

Enjoy your birthday week.