Friday, January 18, 2013


(Charlotte Brontë)

SO.....I'm not doing so good at my Project Wish List. (See the previous post.)

I just reread that part....hoping to report some accomplishments. it is. I have pulled a lot of gluten, but not all. I have bought quite a bit organic, but not all. (Fact is, not EVERY thing needs to be totally organic....I am still in the research phase of it.)

I obviously haven't posted 1-2 times per week. My FTU is dirty. I have only had 2....or is it 3 CFASTs this year. We have....maybe.....probably not so much.....never mind.

I DID start reading the "Chronicles of Narnia" with the boys. I have the boxed set in my *classroom library.* I went through it....can only find 5 of the 7 books. We are missing #1 and #4. That's OK....I wanted the set in 1 book, anyway. SO, we ordered it. We try to read a chapter per night. The kids love it.

We have also started a different devotional in the morning. And, a Bible reading/study (as a family) each night. (Go here for a wonderful reading plan for kids.) Also, my 3rd is REALLY thirsty for Bible knowledge. So, we read a Bible story each night. (His Bible, on the first page of each book, has a list of the stories in that book, along with the appropriate chapter/verses. We read 1 per night.)

On my reading list, I haven't completed anything. However, I am currently reading: "The Chronicles of Narnia," the "Bible," "The Other Queen," "The Annals of the World," "Wheat Belly," "Little Women," AND "Decision Points." the same time.

I should stop that.

OK....."The Chronicles" will be ongoing. I will finish "The Other Queen."

I got an iPad for Christmas. I love it. I love putting books on there that I want to read. BUT, nothing....NOTHING compares to holding a book in my hands. Fun, for me, is going to the library and just looking at books. The thrill of finding a deliciously fat book......

Are you a reader? I'm always looking/listening for new authors/genres I haven't considered.

What are your favorite titles?

Who is your favorite author?

What is your favorite genre?

Mine? Well, I have several titles that I like. Here are some that I have REALLY enjoyed in the past. (I have many, so I can't list them all. When you list some, I might think, "Oh, YEAH! That one, too!")

I love the "Clan of the Cave Bear" series.....except the last book. :-( It was.....a disappointment.

I love LOVE LOVE "Jane Eyre."

Another fave is "Gone With the Wind." I was disappointed in the sequel...of course, it wasn't written by Margaret Mitchell.....if it had been Rhett would have NEVER taken Scarlett back. (If you love the movie, PLEASE read the book. It is nice and fat....the movie, though epic for the time, does not do the book justice.)

I enjoy Amish fiction.

There are too many authors to list them all, though the authors of the above mentioned books are some of them. But, please include Beverly Lewis, Tracie Peterson, Philippa Gregory, Wanda Brunstetter......

(OH MY.......I was looking for something, and came across a list (again) of classics. My heart just about jumped out of my chest.....there simply isn't enough time, in my life, to read all of the great literature.)

I enjoy the "Bible." My favorite book is probably the Gospel of John.

And, Luke.....I like Luke.

AND, Romans.

Revelation, Psalms, Esther......OK..... I may do a post on favorite verses someday.

My favorite genres are period novels and fantasy fiction. THOUGH.....I do not like it too gory. I do not like mysteries/murder mysteries.....and romances? UGH.....unless it is like "Gone With the Wind," or "Jane Eyre."

I look forward to knowing what you like to read. Please tell me.


TinaF said...

Zoey likes reading more then one book at a time don't know how you both do that.

I myself like Romance books not the really smutty ones though. Don't really have a favorite author I just read whatever grabs my attention.

~LL~ said...

:-) Some of the Beverly Lewis that I like to read have some romance in them....but not smutty. You might like her. :-)