Saturday, September 01, 2007


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As a Christian parent, I had always hoped that Jesus would return before my kids reached the age of accountability. However, one can't just wait and hope....'cause what if it doesn't happen soon enough?

I have been raising my children "in the way that they should go" for as long as I've had them. We pray. We teach them to pray. We take them to church. We talk about the importance of having Jesus in their hearts.

He knows.

My oldest is "there" in understanding. He woke up "accountable." I don't mean woke up in the literal sense, but the light came on.

He knows.

He went around meeting a lot of family members at the latest family reunion. There were a few aunts and uncles who had passed away before he had met them. Instead of going to the next person for an introduction, he asked "Did they have Jesus in their hearts?"

He knows.

He has decided to be water baptized. We have talked about it and the importance of it, but have never pushed it is a decision he needed to come to on his own. When they announced the next opportunity, he told me "I should do that."

He knows.

He knows that he is being obedient.

He knows that he is following the example of Christ, Himself.

He knows that he is going to Heaven.

He knows that he has Jesus in his heart.

He knows that we are very proud of him.

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