Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I am working on spring cleaning. THAT'S RIGHT!!! I AM!!!

Here in North Texas, spring brings many things that make it difficult, unpleasant, or just flat undesirable to do the stereo-typical "spring cleaning." It is often windy, wet, tornadoes around, storms, hot...makes it difficult to go out and beat rugs and wash windows.

I have read a book that says that spring cleaning came from back in the day when people had to "hole up" for the winter. Soot from the wood stove, lanterns and candles would coat everything. The house had to be aired out. Windows were so grimy, they couldn't be seen out of. So, along with the first tiny plants pushing through the cold hard ground, came airing out feather beds, beating rugs, hanging out laundry and all the other fun stuff that comes with housekeeping.

We are fortunate here in that winter doesn't always drive us in. Sure, we have an ice storm or 3 that keeps us in doors for a day or so, but really, we can still get out when we must. We don't have to wait to dry out or warm up. We can do what we want, when we want (heh...as long as tornado sirens aren't blowing.)

SO, I feel the need to clean. I'm a bit more motivated to get into the dark recesses of my home that are often neglected and used as a catch-all. (In fact, I only do this during this time of year because if I do it when it starts to get really warm...well, I don't want to suffocate.)

You might think that I'm six-months behind on my spring cleaning. I like to look at it that I'm six-months early...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


Claudia said...

You go LL! and get it over and done with hehehe

Anonymous said...

Please I actually made a phone call this week to tell someone about my exciting new microfiber cleaning rags! --- What does this mean???


Mommy Spice said...

I have had NO desire to clean lately. It's all I can do to keep laundry done...and folded on top of the dresser. Glad you're getting stuff done. Ya wanna come over?

~LL~ said...

LOL...I KWYM. I can sadly confess (already) that my streak is short-lived.

Mary W. said...

Ll if it makes you feel better I rearely spring clean but we always fall clean. I don't know why buut we do fall house cleaning here.