Friday, September 07, 2007


BUT, I probably need the chip knocked off my shoulder.

I'm not saying that's a good thing. My problem, really, is that I don't think anyone will do it right. What is "it?" Anything, really. Sadly, another one of my issues is that when someone realizes one of my own deficiencies, I am personally (and secretly) upset.

Now, for some STRANGE reason, I'm going to continue typing and prove this all to you. LOL!! Some of these examples may not be exact events that have taken place in my life, but if they are, they will be accurate. If they are fictional, I know it is how I would handle, or consider them.

When I go to a potluck, I enjoy all the different foods. BUT, if someone pays particular attention to someone elses dish and talks about how good it is. I feel the need to share my recipe of said dish...even if I have never made it.

When I am a good friend with someone and only invited TO the wedding...and not invited to participate in...I wonder why. I'm a good friend....RIGHT? (Don't answer that, Mrs. L!)

I joined PTO board last year, because I had time on my hands and nothing better to do. WHATEVER!!! I did it because it was a way to get my nose into peoples bee's wax and be "important." Truth be told, I was stretched too thin with all the other stuff I do and have (just yesterday, as a matter of fact) resigned from the board.

I see a flute player on the worship team and I think, "They should have asked me to play. I'm GOOD!" Well, I'm stupid. I WAS good....15 years ago. And, I have to try out to be on the worship team. In my defense, I could probably make it...I can sing and I CAN play the flute, but I'm not as good as I used to be.

When I see that a good friend of mine has written about their best friend, I expect to see my picture pop up or hear some reference to me.

When people self-proclaim that they are OCD, I am sure to tell them, and anyone around, that I am soooo organized...just don't look in my closets, purse, FTUs, notebook, pantry, cabinets, vanity...any of that.

So is it pride? Is it arrogance? Am I misguided? I don't know. I certainly have an inflated sense of self. I can't believe I have put it out there. Some of my readers (heh....all 2 of them) I see occasionally. This is quite embarrassing. But, there it is. Inflated ego. Just like a big ol' honkin' balloon. Make sure I'm close to the ground when you pop it.

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Mommy Spice said...

I love reading what you have to say. You make me feel so much more normal. I can relate to what you've written, but have never seen it in words. I have no intention of popping your balloon.

P.S. I almost wrote "pooping" your balloon. LOL!!