Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have several peeves. Some things bother me. I don't let it ruin my day, but I do notice a lot of what goes on. I talk to my DH about it....he generally feels the same way. Here are just a few things that truly bother me. No, they are nothing life altering (in most cases), just piddly crap that irritates the snot outta me.

I don't like it when people cut across a parking lot - cutting across spaces and/or diagonally to get from one side to another. It's just flat dangerous. I have had to slam on my brake on more than one occasion to keep from being plowed into by the driving moron.

It irks me when people pass me on the highway, only to slow down for me to catch up. There is a thing called "cruise control." I use I know it's not me that suffers from "CSV: Chronic Speed Variance."

I hate it when someone reads over my shoulder....this includes my dear hubby. I love him to death, but I almost feel a pressure on my shoulder if he does this. (I think it is funny to him as sometimes he does it just to see me flap him away. :-/ )

I am really bugged when people stop just outside of a door to pass out whatever to whomever (usually their kids.) KEEP IT MOVING PEOPLE! Just move 3 giant steps to the side and you are out of every one's (read MY) way. THANK YOU!

Don't rush me when I'm placing an order in a drive through. I have a nice-sized family. I have a lot of food to order. When I order my first Happy Meal, don't ask, "Will this complete your order?" When you ask, you have usually interrupted my next that point, I must stop and say, "No. Did you get the last thing I said?" Then, I usually have to repeat not only the last thing mentioned, but the first. *sigh* Wait for my silence. It follows the conclusion of my order.

SMILE! There are a few ladies I know who never seem to smile. I honestly think it would hurt them, physically, to do so. I am not saying that you should walk around with a goofy grin on your face all the time, but for goodness's appearance is a lot nicer when your lips are upturned....not to mention the fact that your wrinkles will be less if you don't scowl all the time.

OK...that is all for today.

So, Kids...what you can take away from this is to mind the traffic rules, smile and don't interrupt.

This has been a Public Service Announcement.


Anonymous said...

When your husband reads over your shoulder and has bad breath! That is not good.

What is it with the old people who think everyone owes them something? They are rude and they don't smile and think we owe them the world. And they toot. They toot silently and loudly and don't say "excuse me" do they not know they are doing this? Does their passing gas hole relax in old age and it just freely flows and it smells terribly??? (my sister and I discussed this about my mom) what is with the old people's toot problems???

Anonymous said...

That drive-thru things KILLS me!!! I just want to say, "Look, I can save us both time and frustration if you will just let me order because I have lots to order with six people. Please, just sit there and zip it up while I go through the list. We can have the questions and answers session AFTER I get through ordering. Thank you for your cooperation."

Unknown said...

Too funny! I hate when people drive across parking lots like that! BAH!

Anonymous said...

OK, I am with you on several of these well pretty much all of them, but here is one thing that urks me.......When you are are getting on to the highway and the car is in the lane you are trying to get on, doesn't move over speed up or anything and you have to either gun it or put on your breaks in order to get on UGGHHHHH!!!
:):):):):):) I'm smiling

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

We think a lot alike. You crack me up. Love the smiley face. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

LOVE The new layout!! Great job!!!

Theresa said...

I totally agree with the reading over the shoulder thing. I can't stand it at all! My oldest daughter always does it and it drives me nuts!
Love the new look on your blog!