Monday, January 19, 2009


Frankly, I probably WON'T watch the Inauguration.

It has nothing to do with who is getting sworn in. I generally don't watch them. I don't like to watch debates or other "politically/newsy" type things. There are many other things I can be watching my Martha or a Food Network something or other, scrubbing the toilets or even doing laundry.

I do wonder what tomorrow will bring. I am many Americans are.

I hope and pray that Obama is good for this country. Of course, it remains to be seen. I don't expect the world to stop spinning as soon as he is sworn in.

As I said just now, I hope he is good for this country. I don't expect it, to be quite honest, but I hope. If everything is "peachy-keen/hunky dory" with him in office, then great. PLEASE, GOD, LET THAT BE THE CASE!

It worries me, though, if he is NOT good for us. What if so many of us who are worried are correct? I don't want there to be any "I told you so" statements. Just get him out of office. No, the thing that really worries me is if he DOES do something wrong....obviously wrong....and so many people DON'T realize it. I mean can someone be so bad and people not realize it because it (he) is sugar coated (poor word picture, I know) to be all sweet and benign?

Of course that can see it all the time. And more importantly, it is prophesied. A lot of the world WILL BE misled by one who brings who unites those who cannot be who seems to be "THE ONE."

Yes, I'm talking about the antichrist. Now before anyone gets their knickers in a bunch, I am not saying that Obama is the antichrist. Please....we are close, but I don't think we are THAT close. I think timing is prime, but I don't think location is. But I digress.....All I'm saying is that so many will be misled.

I will say bugs the dog outta me when I hear certain media refer to him as "The Messiah." To me, that is disrespectful to the Christian community. I know the point they are trying to make, but still...I find it inappropriate.

The fact is this....Obama, in less than 24 hours, WILL BE President of the United States.

Christians are to pray for their leaders....that is Biblical (not just wise.) We are to pray for all our leaders.

Oh well....this is just some of the crap I think about.
I rest in the fact that God is in control. We, as a country, will be judged for our choices. But, He rewards those who diligently seek Him. I will just continue to pray, seek His face and raise my children to do the same. My family will be OK.


Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

"I mean can someone be so bad and people not realize it because it (he) is sugar coated (poor word picture, I know) to be all sweet and benign?"

Yes- most definitely. I look at the past two presidencies to confirm that statement. It's obvious that we are on opposite sides here with who we support, but it's okay, right? I mean, we're still human beings, and most importantly, we're still Texan sisters! ;)

I paused for a bit to think about whether or not I should post about it, but I just can't keep my big mouth shut even though it tends to get me in heaps of trouble! I'm what I like to call a liberal Conservative. Does that make any sense at all!? hee hee. I see both sides of the coin and will vote for who I think is right for the job. I never vote straight ticket. My college government teacher always told me that was an uneducated vote, and now I can see why. Not every Republican candidate is good, just like not every Democrat politician is good. I look at issues.

Anyway, I am very hopeful about the next 4 years and am looking forward to how President Obama will blossom in office. After what we've been through w/ W, I don't see how we could go anywhere but up.

On another note, sorry I linked to you...are you and the Homemakers Haven sort of the same thing? There are three of these carnival things going on, and I just don't know which one to use! It seems to me that yours is the most active one, so maybe next week I'll steal your button and link here again. ;)


Vikki G said...

To say that I am worried is an understatement..not because God is not on the throne but because people are so easily deceived. I too have often thought ...well, if he isn't surely he is the precursor. I am very upset that one of his first goals is to adopt the FOCA legislation which will take all restrictions off of abortion and make sure that "we the people" fund it with our federal dollars. I find this unbelievably sick and quite frankly twisted. We need to be praying ! Praying that the American people do not allow his globalist , socialism to overtake our country..that his extreme agenda is not passed through...because I fear that if successful that God will judge our country greatly~ Just some of my thoughts on this eve of his swearing in.

Reflections in My Mirror said...

Max Lucado has a "pray for our country" campaign going on right now. I am very concerned about our country and our future. I share your beliefs about being mis-led. I hope and pray that good will come out of his presidency and that we will all learn from our greediness and get with the program. I believe that what our country is going through is not ALL the governments fault - most of us have contributed. (can I say MasterCard!) I have looked at my home and our finances and can see where we need CHANGE in our lives in order to make a better future for our children. BUT - I don't expect a "bail-out" to do such a thing. It is called hard-work, ethics, and being a steward with our money that God has blessed us with.
I love your blog! Thanks for your voice!
Amy Q

Summer said...

I could not have expresed my fears any better! Thank you for putting a voice to what so many of us are thinking!!

Ashley said...

I did watch the inauguration and if I had the opportunity to be in DC today, I would've been there too. Not because I voted for him or because I agree with most of what he stands for, but because the majority has spoken.

I am beyond blessed to live in a country where peaceful transitions occur and the people have a voice. He was not my choice for President, but I'm glad I got the chance to make my opinion known.

Am I fearful (ok, maybe that's not the right word) that people will whole-heartedly follow President Obama without regard to future consequences of his actions? Absolutely! Am I surprised that America rallied behind a smooth-talking candidate like him? Not really. What's that verse about 'tickling their ears'!?!

President Obama is NOT the Messiah. He is human. He, along with every other President and person on this planet, will make mistakes. But ultimately, God is in charge. He's not surprised by the events taking place, although I'm sure He's grieved that life, marriage, etc. are no longer held as sacred. My prayer is for wisdom for the new President and that God will not turn us over to our sinful desires.

The free-will element comes into play here too. Yes, God is sovereign and He doesn't make mistakes, but that doesn't mean people don't. Sometimes He lets us have our (sinful) way to teach us.

I was thoroughly surprised that President Obama referenced Scripture and God several times in his speech. Hmmm...

The thing I keep reminding myself is that my salvation is in NO ONE BUT CHRIST. Leaders come and go, He is forever. Amen!

threesidesofcrazy said...

I admire your ability to put your thoughts to paper so to speak. I too pray for the unity of this country and it's people. And right or wrong as Ashley said, the majority have spoken. That is what we need to concentrate on. As for any other possible scenarios, it is in God's hands and His plan and WE have to trust in that plan.