Friday, February 27, 2009


I just posted an entry on coupons. You can scroll down to read that one first - though it won't really change how you read this information.

The first thing I want to do is tell HOW I coupon. It won't take it is not really a long process.

Below, you will see a bit of what I do:

First, I get my newspapers. I buy one double edition on Saturday, then have one paper delivered to me. Yep, that's right. I get 3 of each coupon per week. I know some that get many more than that, but this is very manageable for me. On average, I get a SmartSource pack and a Red Plum pack. That's 6 inserts per week. Once a month, there is a Proctor and Gamble insert. Sometimes, there is a SmartSource bonus insert. Sometimes, I get as many as 4 inserts in one paper, giving me a total of 12 inserts to clip.

On holiday weekends, coupons are not sent out. That is usually a time I play catch-up. I also use this time to go through my binder and clear out any expired Qs if I didn't go through them at the end of the month.

When I sit to clip, I first separate all the pages. I stack them, by page - meaning I will have all 3 of one page together. If I will use a coupon, I keep it. If I will not use anything on that page, I toss it. I do not get anything I wouldn't possibly use; though I do know that I won't use everything I clip. Does that make sense? I might clip Qs for 3 different bathroom cleaners. I have to have the cleaner, but don't really care if it is Lysol, Clorox or Scrubbing Bubbles. I just keep the Qs and wait and see what is on sale. The beauty of stockpiling like I do is in this: if there aren't any good deals, I have the time, and supplies, to wait around for a bargain.

Wow...that was a rabbit trail.

So, I sit at the table - used to sit on the floor, but being 29 for so long, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get up and get the numbing pins and needles out of my butt. LOL!

Anyway, I go through my stack and clip all 3 Qs at one time. I will get a decent stack before I file them. I put them in this binder. It is a regular binder I got at WM with a zipper around the edges. I keep scissors, the CVS and WG flyers, and the WG rebate booklet in the pockets. I also keep a few of my "better than normal victories" as shown on the receipt....OK, 1....I keep 1, but I'm REALLY proud of it. :)

Above is the binder. I currently have 27 dividers in it. I have the groceries in the front and everything else behind it. I break down my groceries by type: drinks, breakfasts, pastas..a lot like how a grocery store might have it's aisle labels. Behind that, I have paper goods, household cleaners, dental, get the idea.

Behind each divider, I have the baseball card protectors. Each page has 9 pockets. I put one of each coupon in a pocket. So, if I have 3 Qs for Crest toothpaste at $.50 off 2 of them, they will be separated from the Qs for Crest toothpaste at $.25 off. How many of these clear pages do I have? 77....AND, they are usually about 95% filled.

On Sunday I like to look at my list (I use Grocery Game) and plan my menu for the week. I will also replenish my stockpile if there are good deals on certain things. Monday, I pull the coupons that I will actually need, then I hit the stores.
Once you get a good Q-run under your belt, you realize that it is really fun and you actually try to do even better next time. I have a circle of friends who coupon also. We are often texting each other with our wins. We actually think of it as a game. About a year ago, I would sit with this circle of friends and we would just talk and clip...what fun. Maybe I can get a group together again....any takers? I actually did on my last run. It is I'll put this up tomorrow.


Unknown said...

HOLY COW! You are one committed coupon queen!

erica said...

I love it! I love my binder too! I want to join in on the Monday morning clip o rama:). I have gotten good enough at it and I don't even do grocery game anymore:). It's fun!

~LL~ said...

LOL...Erica...I think I'm probably good enough to not NEED the game....but I'm lazy enough that I WANT the game. :) I would rather just click on it and know there is a Q out there and that it is a rock bottom instead of keeping up with the cycles and the flyers on my own. ;)