Sunday, February 22, 2009


So I missed last week. Between the flu and the funeral my house was in horrible shape. It's really not that much better, but I'm trying.

This post I have for Making a Happy Home Monday was actually done BEFORE last Monday, but I never got it up.

I started this blog carnival with the hopes of encouraging and inspiring others to make their homes a happy place. If you are in a dirty, cluttered house, you won't be happy. I'm not saying your house has to be spotless, but it needs to be something that works for you.

The point of this is to take an area of your home that needs some "fixin' up." Make it happier by cleaning it, organizing it, fixing it....whatever you need to do to make it nicer to look at and more functional.

With that being said, it IS a to anyone who would care to share some of their projects. Just link up on Mr. Linky. Describe the work you are doing and even post some pictures.

I can't wait to see them!

For my last project, I tackled my son's closet. I'm really embarrassed to post these, but the goal is to "encourage and inspire" so here is my attempt.

This was one of the bigger projects....not a little 15 minute perk up. Nope....this took my hubby and I THREE HOURS of working together to get this.

We went through clothes (of which we donated 3 of the large lawn and garbage bags FULL).

We went through shoes.

We emptied the shelves.

We organized.

You should be able to see, from the first few pictures, how it would take 2 of us three hours to get this done.

Baby afghans. School uniforms. A basket of shoes (some with mates, some without). A box of gift bags. A poster. Other things I can't even describe....'cause I don't know.


Doesn't it look better?

The top shelf holds a big box of pictures, a Smart Saver bag of the baby afghans, rocket stuff and other keep sake items that aren't needed often.

The top bar, to the left has my 3rd son's church clothes that really need to hang. The bottom bar contains my 4th son's church clothes. The shelves (from top to bottom): games, DS #2 shoes, DS #3 shoes, DS #4 shoes.

The bar to the right has DS #2 school uniforms and some church clothes. The dresser is his. (My oldest has a dresser in his room and my other 2 share a large dresser in the bedroom.) Oh....and the plastic box on top of the dresser? DS #2's treasures. These are items that do NOT have to be shared with anybody else.

The box on the floor (the one in the very back that you can't see) contain gift bags, gift wrap and tissue paper. The big blue box that you can see contains a lot of outgrown school uniforms. The shoe hanger thing-a-ma-bog has shoes that the some of the boys will grow into.

Well, there you have it. I hope you join me.


Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

What an amazing transformation, LL! Awesome job, girl!!! :)

I forgot to include the little picture in this weeks post, but I showed some pictures of all the stuff that needs to be cleaned! :) Wish me luck!

Sarah J. said...

Way to go! I bet you feel so relieved!

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

Great work! We need to do this too. Our house has a very limited amount of closet space. But my husband hates getting rid of stuff! I'll admit, I hate it too, but I am willing to get rid of at least a few things each year.

Unknown said...

Looks GREAT!

Kristen said...

You did a really good job organizing the closet. I have a couple of projects like that that I need to tackle...I keep putting them off.

erica said...

Great job on the closet! I need to re-do all of mine.... again. I like that space saver bag.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!! That looks awesome!

R and R Stacy said...

Looks great! Glad your back. I can't load pics to my computer. I deleted something. darn! So I can't do (Making it a happy home) until that's fixed.
See ya tonight - Bunko!

Katie said...

I finally got around to organizing all the bits and scraps of paper with recipes on them into a cute binder AND used some of my scrapbook paper scraps up too.

Katie said...

It's so hard to tame the clutter and get the closet's organized so you can find things. I'm inspired to tackle my much neglected craft room one now.

Anonymous said...

Good job LL

Glad things are slowly moving forward, I know it's slow to get back after a loss.