Friday, February 27, 2009


In the middle of January, I had this brilliant idea to get my crap together and be diligent in my clipping and list making. I was going to keep up with this for a month. I was going to do this for the month of February.

Well, February came and brought all sorts of unpleasantness....I have been couponing, but not as diligently as I like to. Sometimes, I have to run by the store when it happens to be there, in front of me, without making a list. I do try to keep my coupons clipped and sorted, that way, when I do have to run out quickly, I can still save a bit here and there.

Two weeks ago, I had an excellent coupon run. So, I thought I would share as I go. The thing I personally like about couponing is that it is forgiving. They are always out there...waiting to be used. If you don't use them one week, then you can just pick up and save another day.

Personally, I like to keep my clipped and sorted in my binder and be able to just grab it and go. Now, when not attending funerals and hospital gatherings, I like to make my menu and list on Sunday. I sit with my BF and clip Qs on Monday. We either go to the store on Monday or Tuesday. I know that this is the end of the sales cycle and that a lot of people don't like to go to the store at the beginning of the week, however, that is when you have a lot of 72 hours and unadvertised sales.

Yes, I go to 2 different grocery stores and 2 pharmacies (Walgreens and CVS). Three of these are in a town I'm in daily and the other is only 15 minutes away. This is the store that will double or triple...that is why I go there.

Someone, during my last coupon blog, said they only had a Brookshires, David's and CVS. (Is that correct?) I had to go to Brookshires today for some much needed items. I grabbed coupons for as many items as I could. I took my total from $92 to $75. That ain't too bad, y'all! This is without doubles or triples....just buying what I need.

I know a few ladies that have INSANE savings....INSANE!!! I don't look to be insane....(I hear the chuckles from a few of you), I just look to save a bit. If I can save enough for a tank or 2 of gas, or music lessons, then that is bonus. My hubby is very supportive. He has given me a generous budget, but has asked that I save where I can. Anything I save is good.

So, that being said, I will come back with another post. When I have a decent coupon run, I'll post about it. Sometimes, I might get specific with items purchased. Others, I might just tell you my shelf price and then my OOP (or out of pocket) spending.

Hope y'all come back.

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