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OK....if you are just now checking this blog for the first time in a few, I have posted two related entries to this one. Just scroll down and you can read the others.

I was going to put the results of my last big shop. It was big enough, in fact, that I have only really gone out for milk and bread and a few fruits since...and this shop was on the 17th. I will not go into detail because the 5 receipts have a total of over 170 items. I will give the break down for the money....I will go into detail on the CVS receipts as that is where I made a decent score.

Our first stop is Kroger. (for this and other receipts, I will put the shelf cost (what it should be), my OOP (what I actually spent), the dollar amount of what I saved, and the % of savings.)

I got a total of 52 items. These include: meat, pizza rolls (that I actually got for free), biscuits, jelly, 3 dozen eggs (only Eggland) and some veggies.

Shelf cost: $132.02
OOP : $ 88.95
Saved : $ 42.07
% saved : 32%

Next stop: HEB. Here, I got 42 items including: fresh berries, $20 worth of NY Strip, juice, milk, cheese, and a brisket.

Shelf cost: $118.84
OOP : $ 93.11
Saved : $ 25.73
% saved : 21%

Next stop: Walgreens. I like to use their rebate booklet (though I didn't get anything this month.) You can do the rebates online and load a mailing, no envelope stuffing...and they send an email when your card has been loaded. AND you get an extra 10% for using the gift card. Sweet!

My Walgreens shop included: 4 Lysol products, 4 boxes cereal (Kellogg's Frosted Flakes) and a few other items.

Shelf cost: $62.93
OOP : $33.12
Saved : $29.81
% saved : 47%

Finally, CVS. (Here is where the blog gets long....sorry) I will not put each individual price, for the sake of time.

  • 2 Gilette deoderants
  • 4 muligrain cheerios
  • 2 dole fruit bowls (with 4 little bowls per)
  • 5 Kraft Mac/cheese (individual)
  • 3 Suave bodywash
  • 3 pkgs 8-count paper towels
  • 3 pkg 4-count double A batteries
  • 2 ponds facial wipes
  • 3 Simply Asia noodle bowls
  • 1 Colgate toothpaste
  • 1 9-roll Charmin TP
  • 2 Herbal Essence Shampoo
  • 12 cans soup (Campbells select and/or chunky)
  • 2 bottles Purex detergent
  • 2 bags chex snack mix
  • 2 stayfree (24 count)
  • 1 crest with scope (2 pack)

Shelf price: $200.46
OOP : $108.39
Saved : $ 92.07
% saved : 45%

AND, I got $19 in Extra Care Bucks...which is a coupon to be used as money at a subsequent CVS shop. Since I wasn't sure about a few items, I checked it out and decided to go back the next is my trip.

  • 6 bottles Suave shampoos/conditioners
  • 2 Charmin TP (9 roll pks)
  • 1 Herbal Essence shampoo
  • 2 stayfree (24-cnt)
  • 2 stayfree (18-cnt)....LOL I'm set until menopause ;)
  • 1 green tea (for me right then)
  • 1 Ped Egg for a "spa themed" Pokeno party
Shelf price: $61.79
OOP : $20.48
Saved : $41.31
% saved : 66%

AND, I earned $11 in ECBs

OK - so for me, it is worth my while.

I saved:

$25.73.....that is one music lesson (of which we have 12 per month) with a few pennies leftover
$29.81......that is a McDonald's drive through for me and the kids, should we need it
$41.31.......that is almost a tank of gas for the silver FTU
$43.07.......that is a manicure, with with tip, AND a snack on the way home
$92.07........WOW! That is getting my hair done and a pedicure and a Chipotle burrito bowl

Let's break it down more....

I have $600 per 2 weeks for my grocery needs. My shelf total was: $576.04. That is good. I stuck below (not by much) my grocery budget. Who gets ahead that way? I want vacations! I want toys! I want to go play!

SO....for just one shopping period, I took my $600 and ONLY spent $344.05. I saved, for the 2 weeks, $241.99. Assuming I did that for the next 2 week period, that would be a savings of almost $500. My total percent of savings was 42%.

Now, let's be realistic....I get lazy or in a hurry and don't usually save quite that much. So, cutting myself a bit of slack, let's take half that....only $120 for a 2 week period. That is still a savings of almost $250 per month.....are you thinking with me? That is $3,000/year!

Wow....I'm going to start saving for a vacation!

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Reflections in My Mirror said...

Thant is AWESOME! I went Saturday to CVS and saved 48% and got 18 ECB! I stocked up on a lot of meds/first aid I needed for the kiddos esp since summer is coming up. I go to Brookshire's (we only have it and David's) for all of my Foods and I typically save 30-40%. I am getting better at learning their sale cycle - For instance Rib Eye will be on sale for like 6.99/lb and in 2 weeks it well be 4.99/lb!! I got WHOLE chicken's for .49/lb!!!
Keep it up!
Amy Q