Thursday, May 21, 2009


Are you a farmer?

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I am. BUT, I take heart that there are many I know who seem to be more addicted to it than I am.

I have been careful to make sure all my work is done. I don't want my hubby to come home only to find my house in horrible shape...but my cyber-farm growing daily.

And it is.....I've made enough to buy bigger 3 times now.

All thanks to my friend Les.

I don't know how I even got going. It ticked me off at first. Everyone was telling me little things to do. I thought it was stupid....heh....I still do. :)

But my friend, my mentor, called me last Saturday to harvest her grapes. (No...there is no underlying, inappropriate innuendo in that). When I did, and I saw my coins roll in....well, it was like heroin. No, hardly like heroin. But, I had to do more. Had to plant more. Had to buy things. Had to send gifts. Had to earn trophies. Had to plant more trees. Had to harvest more mangoes. Had to pen more critters. Had to (FINALLY AND JUST TODAY) get a dog. (I now have about 5 of them. LOL)

Since last Saturday, I have increased the size of my farm 3 different times. I have earned, with one crop, over 50,000 coins. (Small potatoes, compared to my addicted counterparts.)

My friend begs to harvest people's crops. You earn good coinage that way. She calls herself a "cropstitute." That makes me laugh!!! She is a great friend. She and I have justified ourselves and this habit in that we still (for the most part) get our housework done. (Actually, that hasn't changed....I've always had trouble getting it done, despite my latest whims.)

Our farming habit isn't hurting anyone, it is not illegal and it is fun.....even though it causes me to stay up late, at times, to harvest corn.

If my phone rings before 9 in the morning, I know she needs me to harvest something. It is funny. Conversations often sound like this:

*phone rings*


My cabbage is ready.

On my way.


Right now she is laughing.....and figuring out the next time to call me. :)

I love my farming pal. I love her for staying up with me the other night....instant messaging back and forth as we waited for my potatoes to slowly creep from 98% to "ready to harvest." I love that she stuck around to see my ranking roll up to make my first "bigger farm" purchase. I love that we can laugh at ourselves and see this idiot game for what it is....and still have fun playing it.

I think I'm going to send her a dog!

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LRFK said...

Aww, thanks! You should see my farm now!! It looks so much better, but I am in the middle of a panic attack. My coins are down to 177,000. Viva La Farmers!!