Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hey, y'all. Being that it's Tuesday, it's time for my cyber-friend....you know what? I'm going to drop the "cyber" and just call her friend. We keep in touch. We pray for each other. It ain't just a blog "thang." Anyway, my friend Lisa...and her sister Lana, host this fun blog carnival. In this carnival, other bloggers post recipes, kitchen ideas and/or questions. It's a lot of fun and I hope you will join her.

While you are obviously involved in carnivals and memes......please join me on Mondays for my Making a Happy Home and Memorization Monday.

OK...I have no recipe. No, that isn't quite right. I have TONS of recipes....even more, thanks to 3 new cookbooks and several magazines from my mother. Yeah....it's time for me to give some of those away....perhaps a drawing?

Anyway, I just wanted to talk "kitchen" and "food."

First, I just bought a new fluted pan and a pan with 12 mini-fluted wells. They are by Wilton, which IMHO, is the best you can get in a "regular" store. I got mine at WalMart and together, they were about $20.

Secondly....scroll down. That is my newest toy. WOOHOO!!! The name of this beloved pet is "BAKAWA." (Post explaining that is coming soon.)

Thirdly....WHEN did WalMart change the aisle name from Mexican food to Hispanic food. Really? We can't even call it Mexican food anymore? Whatever! I wonder what the people at the plants in MEXICO think.

Next....I'm currently working on desserts that are low-fat and low-cholesterol. Why? I ask myself that a LOT! LOL! I am actually doing this for 2 reasons. First, and most importantly, for my husband. Actually, he didn't really care if I made them or not....he just doesn't want me making the "really good" stuff. However, my cooking outlet was my home team in church. Now there are a few that no longer want to eat the "really good" stuff. *sigh* What to do......what to do? I like being known as a good cook. So I guess I will work out something so that I may maintain my "Martha-esque" status. ;)

I'll let y'all know how it goes.

That's all....have a great day!

This is totally an aside....off the subject. I just saw a commercial for the Scooter Store and their power chair. It just showed this "granny" doing donuts in the living room, in her chair, while her family looked on with and seeming to "wax" excitement for her. ROFLMBO!!! Gotta try to find it on youtube! (sorry....couldn't find it.)


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

You crack me up with the scooter store comment!! Hee hee. And, YES, we are real life friends. I agree!! I appreciate the prayers that you lift up on my behalf.
Oh, by the way, I am still jealous of the Kitchen Aid! Just keeping it real, sista!

momto3_jjj said...

I am excited to see what you come up with! I have no doubt that whatever you make it's going to be GREAT!!! If you need a taste tester...I'm available!