Monday, August 17, 2009


It's always comes back to Monday, doesn't it?

I have quite a bit to blog about. I am finally a bit more released to blog on something I have been wanting to for a LONG I just have to write it. I'm sure it will make some folk mad, but you's what I do. LOL!

So, as most of you know, Making a Happy Home Monday is a sad little blog carnival that Catey and I post on in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others to make their homes happy. You can pick a little project or a big project. You can make it pretty, more organized, decluttered, or clean. Whatever you do, any improvement is bound to make you happy, thus making your home a happy home.

I have been working on my kitchen for the past few weeks...I'm not done. I have a few more weeks that I can do on my cabinets. For today, though, I wanted to do something a bit more timely....for my household, anyway.

Today, school started. Three of my boys are in school. I did several things to get them ready. The parts that apply to MHHM are as follows.

First off, is school lunches. Hot lunch will not be served in our school until mid-September. Even when they do have hot lunch, my boys will almost always take their own lunch. For today and hopefully the rest of the year (if I don't get too rushed or lazy) I will pack their lunches the night before. It sure does help to have it done. The boys will help me. It is listed on the next portion of MHHM.


Personally, I love chore charts. My oldest who (bless his heart) is a LOT like me, loves them, too. He is wanting to take a picture of each brother to attach to the top of the chart so we know who needs to do what. Isn't that cute?

We had some chore charts that I posted on not too long ago. Now that we are back in school, some things must change. Here are the new charts. I think you can click on them to enlarge and see the actual chores. (If you can't, and you are interested in a break-down, let me know.) They went into effect this morning. Each child checks off the appropriate box when chore is completed. They are in page protectors (Monday - Friday on front, weekend on back). They check them off with dry-erase markers so I don't have to reprint every week. Each Friday, they get their allowance, with a slight deduction for chores NOT completed.

Let me know how you are getting your household into school-mode! 


Catey said...

You rock! And you totally crack me up...."sad little carnival" lol

You're an awesome inspiration. : )

I don't know what I'd do without my chore charts, though yours are much more complex than mine. It always just makes me so happy that someone else will have to do the dishes! bwahahahaha!

I'm hoping to get to this today, but with a deadline breathing down my neck, don't hate me if I don't.
Keep on motivating the rest of us!

Sarah J. said...

Ugh, I NEED to make chore charts. You've inspired me!

Miss May said...

Love the chore charts. I'm totally stealing them!

~LL~ said...

Bon....please do! They go in order from left to right, oldest to youngest. The youngest doesn't get it, yet. But, number 3 is totally up for earning his $1 each week.