Saturday, August 29, 2009


This is a "dump" post. One reason is to let you know that I am still alive and kicking. I hope to get on a regular, or at least more consistent, posting schedule.

So, let's see.

My anniversary was this past Monday. You knew that. 18 years....that's a lot. :)

Last night, my oldest went to spend the night with his best friend. The other 3 spent the night with grandparents while hubby and I went to a hotel for the night. Every summer, we take a weekend trip to some far-away place. Then, we take a night for just ourselves and stay the night somewhere. We ate good food at some dives...but they were all like 5 star dives. VERY good!

The big news, and most fun, is that I got a tattoo. I really did!

I had been told that it would hurt because of the placement....the foot. I was nervous, to say the least. I can handle pain, but I don't want to....I mean, who does? A round fellow named Caesar did the deed. ^-^ We told him what I wanted....a Christian fish....they drew the design then made a stencil. They put it on my foot (as a stencil) to make sure of placement. Then, they started drilling, or needling, or whatever you call it.

I was mildly freaked, at first. The doo-dad sounded exactly like a dentist's drill. Most of you may know that I don't like the dentist. On of my hubby's best friends is a dentist. I like him, the man. But, him, the dentist? I don't have much use for. In fact, when I go in for a cleaning, our friend's staff calls MY hubby and arranges for the cleaning. I don't even know until we are about 2 blocks away that I'm going in. I will NOT drive myself. Nope. Uh-uh! No way, Jose!

It was a bit uncomfortable, but not unbearable. In fact...I'm ready for another one. You kind of get an adrenaline rush, I guess. It was thrilling! And I'm SOOO glad I got it.

Off to another topic.

School is going alright. I have already been there to help out and hope to be able to help out a lot more. It is fun being there and visiting with so many teachers we have either had (or I have worked with), but not have the "job" to focus on. Does that sound bad?

I was browsing facebook the other day. The daughter of a cousin has some "not so nice" stuff on her profile and pictures. I am disappointed...not as much in the girl, but more in her mom. I wonder if she knows. If not....SHAME ON HER! If she DOES know, then DOUBLE SHAME ON HER! I know the girl is trying to appear cool and/or mature to her friends. I guess the old-lady in me is just disappointed in her, you know? It is not cool for me to read the language or see some of the pictures.

I have several more posts that I have on a back burner. I need to get to them. My hubby and I have been busy, though. We still haven't fully recovered from being out of town and taking so many little day-trips. We have been switching bedrooms for 3 of the kids....but that involved 3 of the 4 bedrooms in the house.

The 3 older kids are at Hawaiian Falls for the day. The older 2 earned it by getting another seal for JBQ....which I still need to post on. It's coming...I promise. I am here with the younger. He wanted to go, too, but he needs man-on-man defense. That usually falls to me, but my tattoo cannot be submerged for a few weeks and needs to avoid the sun. So.....I am here, they are there.

There is some Japanese entity leaving comments on my blog. I think it's a phishing site or something, but still....quite bothersome.

I need to work on cleaning the least the front bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. We are having my folks out for church and lunch tomorrow. We will have grilled salmon and mahi-mahi, baked potatoes, steam asparagus, heirloom tomatoes...and especially for my hubby, tiramisu....the real stuff....with the rum and everything. Personally, I don't like tiramisu, and I don't think my mother will, either. SO, I will make a coconut cream pie for us.

Considering all that I have to do, I better get busy. I have trouble working for a long time. I was sick as a dog last week. Won't go into details, but I did lose about 5 pounds. Now, the most I can eat is the equivalent to 1 kids meal and 1 appetizer each day. I ate breakfast (migas with smoked turkey) this morning about 10:30. I only ate about 1/3 of my meal....and I'm STUFFED! It is almost 3:00. If that is a result from being sick, that is OK....maybe I'll lose more weight. But, I sure do miss my food. :)

Well, I should scoot. Lots to do and daylight's burnin'!


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Look at you.. getting a tattoo!! Wowza!

My hubby has a couple. I don't have any. I know the main reason I don't have one is because of the reaction (fainting,dislike,disowning) my mother would have. I really respect my parents and I now it would really upset my mom (even thought I am almost 39 yrs old). Silly huh.
Otherwise.. I would get a tattoo!

Hubby has a state of Texas shape on him arm. Then, last year he had a drawing of Grace's hand sitting in his hand tattooed over his heart(on his chest). It is really pretty cool and sweet!!!
Most of our church friends have no tattoos and I think they were shocked, the first time we were at a pool party and Chris took off his shirt. Someone even asked, "Is that for real?" DUH!!!
You go girl.. You may be my new hero!! hahahaha.

~LL~ said...

I honestly don't know what my parents think. They didn't say anything....don't know if they saw it. It didn't wave it in their face, but it isn't exactly hidden. Our church is of the thought that it is a personal conviction, not a Biblical mandate. I prayed about it and don't feel it is a problem. It's not ugly or obscene and it is not in a place that leads the eye...unless someone wants to admire my pinky toe. LOL!

Unknown said...

That is a COMPLETE hoot! Totally unexpected! GO YOU!