Thursday, August 06, 2009


This time of year.....I don't even know how to start this post or what all I'm wanting to say....

This time of year brings a certain "feeling." I can't really describe it, I just feel it happening.

It is still hot, so it's not as if fall is in the air, though I think I smell a difference in the mornings.

It starts with the first day of August....or like this year....about July 28th. It happens when I get THE LETTER. The letter that reminds me of the day that the boys start school, tells me when parent orientation is and reminds me of the hundreds of dollars that I must spend in school uniforms. And, though I have already spent the money on uniforms, I still feel the squeeze. It's a squeeze in my heart that tells me a few things. It tells me that my kids are getting older and don't need me quite as much as last year. It reminds me that the holidays are coming a lot faster than even I am expecting. It makes me want to clean. (stop laughing) It makes me want to cook.

Why is that? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

So, what am I doing right now? Well, I have gone through and made sure that the uniforms that are passed down are laundered and in the proper closet. We have bought shoes, belts, socks and undies for the schoolers.

I have just decided to do a room switch. My poor hubby. He is so good to just go along. My 2 youngest share a room. It is a smaller room and close to our room. My oldest has his own room, which is large (a finished out 2 car garage.) BUT, that is also the play room/game room. Everyone is in this room at one time or another. I have decided that my oldest needs a bit more privacy. We will move the oldest into the smaller room (with a door he might be able to lock from time to time) and the 2 little ones, with all their toys, will get the bigger room.

School starts on the 17th. I have parent orientation/meet the teacher on either Monday or Tuesday. That depends on our last trip of the summer. We are going to try to fly somewhere. I'm not keeping it a secret, we just won't know where until we are actually on the plane. LOL. I will post about that if it happens.

I am starting to think about things I want to cook. I am not thinking about the holidays...well, not entirely, anyway. I do love to cook all the time. The summer is fun because of all the lovely fruits and veggies. But, the fall and winter.....THAT is the time I LOVE to cook and bake. To make comfort foods....that is so much fun. And, once the time changes and it gets dark earlier.....that is my favorite!!! I love when it gets dark early. (I'm only slightly resentful that they shortened the time, but I digress.)

I have come across a lentil stew recipe that I can't wait to try. I just don't want to try it when it is $100 outside. I also love to bake with pumpkin. Though I keep it in the pantry year round, there is something about the smells that brings fall into the house. I am consuming cooking shows and writing down recipes I long to try. My friend, Catey, has sent me some wonderful bread recipes that I'm eager to get going. Also, I am wanting to make a sweet, dark know the kind with golden raisins in it? Or is it dates? Either way, I eat this at some restaurants and I adore this bread.

Of course, planning for the holidays is hardly EVER far from my mind. The 31st of this month is when I start working a bit more diligently in my notebook and getting stuff together.

This month marks our 18th wedding anniversary. I have a neat post idea on that. I need hubby's help for that, since I'm not a techno-smartie...I need help with the scanner.

We also have some fun activities for this month....Paul McCartney concert! WOOT!!! Also Def Leppard. Going with some dear friends to both those concerts.

I will be room mom for my kindergartener. That is always a very active year...and I'm a (I can't find the related post, so if you know where it is, let me know.)

Just an example of my nature when it comes to being homeroom mom.....well, last year, I went to Meet-the-Teacher night and introduced myself to both teachers as "Hello, my name is **** and I will be your room mom this year." The teacher, with a funny look on her face said, "Um...well, I'll send a note out to all those who are interested and we can determine the room mom in a few days." A few minutes go by. Another lady introduces herself to the same teacher and follows with, "I will be helping Mrs. **** with her room mom plans." ROFLMBO!!! You might think I'm joking. Those who know me, know this is true.

OK.....I need to get our guest ready to go to his house. And, I've regurgitated enough.....for now! :)

Y'all have a great day!!!


Alicia @ said...

You make me laugh..but you know that already!! I liked this post!! Sounds like you are getting into the "back to school" mode...I am not wanting to go back!! The idea for room changing sounds great, expecially for your older boy...privacy as they get older is good!!!

Ashley said...

Wow I'm behind. I thought of you as I walked the aisles of Christmas stuff in Hobby Lobby tonight. :)

Unknown said...

You'll be a great room mom!

I can smell a bit of fall in the air despite the heat too.