Saturday, March 13, 2010


OK... I have a few. Nothing, really, is earth-shattering. It doesn't knock our world off its axis. The sun will go on rising and setting.


There have been a few things, of late, that have given me reason to think, "Man... that's a bummer."

Here is, and in no particular order, a partial list of some of my recent disappointments.

**FOR THE RECORD** I know I'm being a little whiney-butt and that if this is as bad as it gets, the life is pretty darn good. But, sometimes, I just need have a little pity party in order to get over myself....

With all that said, here we go.

I bought a new pillow the other day and my neck was thrown into some serious pain.... has taken 3 adjustments, so far, it help.

My down comforter is a bit lumpy and is not laying in the duvet like I want.

DH rented for me the latest "Anne of Green Gables" moving... called "Beginnings" or something similar. It totally was horrible. I only watched about 45 minutes of it and could stomach no more. The acting was bad, the story line was a HUGE disappointment.... no, I will retain Anne and Gilbert in my memory.

My honey is gone for the whole of Spring Break.

The time changes overnight tonight. I like it when it gets dark earlier, rather than later.

I haven't kept up with my spring cleaning list like I wanted.

I haven't kept up with #4's baby book like I did the others. That just almost makes me heartsick.

OK... thanks for reading.

I will be back for Making a Happy Home Monday. Hope to see you then.


alice said...

It's ok to be whiny, as long as you don't do it often ;) & I'm sorry your DH is gone over spring break That's the pits! But I do have a whole week of stuff planned for us if you and the boys want to tag along, we would be quite the force(all 10 of us!) love you girl!

~LL~ said...


I might have to take you up on an adventure or 2. :)

Unknown said...

Awww ... you can go back and catch up with #4's book! Hang tough momma!

Mommy Spice said...

I can't believe there's another part to Anne of Green Gables. Beginnings?? Is it when they were children or married adults? I lOVE Anne and Gilbert and don't want to watch anything to tarnish my memories of them. (dramatic huh?) And I, like you, prefer darker evenings. It just means I can "close up" for the day a little earlier and have more sofa time to myself.

But like you said, if these are the worst things to complain about, life is pretty good. :)

We're getting a Saenz family visit this week. Wish y'all were here too! Love ya!

Mommy Spice said...

"Gilbert is not dead! Gilbert is not dead!" (Fingers in ears and eyes clinched shut)

I read almost all the books and they go in to great detail about their lives during his doctor years and the families around them that they become friends with. Why can't they stick with the books???

Sarah J. said...

Seems like when one thing goes bad, everything does, huh! I'm sorry, things can only go up from here...????