Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Honey, I'm Home!

Well, we FINALLY made it back home. That was the longest 6 hours of our entire travels. I've so enjoyed our vacation, but I'm SO glad that it is over. Now the work begins again and we have to try to get back to normal.

The first thing we did, upon arrival, was run by the store for some supplies. I have a lot to get still, but we had NOTHING to eat and we are so tired of eating out. That "junked out" feeling is really old. I made "hobo-packs" and a batch of brownies....I know that is a bit "junkie" but we have to have dessert, right? :D

We got home to a hot house (2 1/2 weeks without A/C), but everything was in order. My 2nd son and I went out to check our garden. I picked a lot of cherry tomatoes, some zucchini, okra and beans. Speaking of zucchini, does ANYONE know how to get rid of squash bugs? BLECH! They are all over one of my plants. If you have any advice, please respond in the comment section. By the way, I'm totally organic, so no chemicals, please.

I fixed our dinner then started going through the mail...not really reading, but tossing the junk and separating into piles: my piles of coupons and magazines and DH's pile of everything else. We had a bunch, that's for sure.

Bedtime is the battle at the moment. I know...not for me, as I'm "blogging", but my DH has been putting everyone down and I've been offering my support by yelling "lie down, now." LOL!

It is 9:30 and we have to go to bed. We are so stinkin' tired. I think I will lie down with a pad of paper and a pen. I need to make a few lists of things to do. Yes, laundry will be on the list, I'm sure. It's perpetually on my list!

I'm hoping that within the next week or 2 I can kind of tweak this stuff. I would like to share a few of the places that I try to visit each day, as well as incorporate some ideas from other sites. If anyone is really good at this and can kind of guide me, PLEASE let me know. There is one site that has a Q and A time. Kind of neat...though I wonder if anyone would actually have any "Q's" for me.

Well, it's 9:34 now and I need to move my rump! Until tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, LL! I was looking up an old college roommate and found her name attached to a blog. It turns out she co-created it with 2 other moms. Go to the mommybloggers.com site. My old roommate is Jennifer Satterwhite. Her personal blog site is mommyneedscoffee. She is absolutely histarical. You have to read the blog on lice. We recently can totally relate. I was hurting, I was laughing so hard.