Thursday, June 01, 2006


Well, tomorrow is the day that we leave for vacation. I'm not convinced that the world won't completely shut down in my absence. However, I'm confident in the fact that there will be major problems in which my counsel will be needed, but will be unavailable.

It is very hard for a woman....well, this one anyway, to leave her home for a long period of time. I don't know how I'm going to manage, to be honest. I know it's dumb, these feelings that I have, but I don't like change. (Even minor changes like a small vacation make me feel anxiety coming on.)

When in my own home, I can at least pretend that I'm in control of things. If something goes out of control (and believe me, it often does) I have the tools to deal with it. I know what and where my resources are. When out on the road....well, there are so many things to deal with: so many UNPLANNED things to deal with. THAT drives me crazy.

Another of my problems is my inability to focus on stuff. You know, I used to laugh at my grown-up friends who said they had adult ADD. Whatever! I thought that they were just making up an excuse for not being so "in control." This week, I decided that I have adult ADD! If I plan to accomplish one thing, it gets put on hold because of the 4 other things I have to do first. That's my problem with getting ready for our vacation. All I need to do is pack....but I have to fold clothes first. One would think that I should only fold AND pack the clothes we're taking....but what if some of the dirty ones need to go on the trip? I need to WASH clothes. While gathering clothes to wash, I notice the bathroom trash spilling over. Guess I should take that out. YUCK! You should see my floor! It needs to be wiped down badly.

HA! My hubby swears up and down that I will do ANYthing to avoid folding clothes. I guess he's right.


Anonymous said...

LL You are a great mom and beautiful person inside and out. you just need some ponchos and flip flops and you will be on your way to being hip! JK I love you for who you are and not who you pretend to be. You go girl! LA

Anonymous said...

LL You are the definition of "bubbling from the inside"! I of course still picture you .... ten years old and helping me "sneak" across the street for a note to Lilleys! And now I have a ten year old??? YIKES!!! Love the Blog --- very brave...I keep mine in an old fashioned diary...(not quite so brave!!!)