Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Me Time

Do you claim enough "me time" in your life? Sometimes I think I get too more than I deserve. Other times, I feel that I need a lot more. It's hard, especially for women, I think.

Doing this thing here (the blog) is one form of "me time" that I'm trying to incorporate daily. I do get on the computer every day....except when I'm on vacation, obviously. I check a few blogs, and then a few message boards, then I do my own blog. It helps for me to write out my thoughts...I feel more "in control."

The problem I have is with time. Any mother knows that seldom is her time her own. I can't even sit and have a casual lunch because I have to make chocolate milk, juice cups, actual lunches, get the baby going on lunch, go mop up spilled chocolate milk, refill a juice cup, take care of the baby's "uh-oh" and so on. I find that I'm getting more and more stressed at meal time. I would love for the family to sit around the table and enjoy each other...but that is so hard, and so far from reality in my house.

Don't get me wrong. I'm certainly not making excuses. I know that in order for it to happen, I have to make it so. With that being said, I've determined that my "me time" is for getting my house in order. I don't mean cleaning or laundry; though that certainly always needs to be done. I mean that I will sit and work on projects, map out thoughts, coupons...whatever to make my daily life run more smoothly.

If you have read my profile, I have stated something to the fact that I'm trying to be more like the Virtuous Woman. Please don't laugh...I'm dead serious. Those of you who don't know to whom I'm referring, please read Proverbs 31. It is a wonderful "advice column." A talk between a mother and a son. The mother is instructing her son on the type of woman he should marry. She (the woman, not the mom) is so hard to attain, in my mind. But, that is my goal.

With that being said, I'm currently working on a household notebook. I'm one of those analytical people who likes to have everything in black and white. It makes me feel a bit more in control. So, my goal for this week (and very possibly the rest of June) is to sit each evening for an hour and gain control of my schedule. Kids thrive on schedules. They should be on one, but I'm so disorganized that I'm having issues with it.

I don't like to waste time. And it's easy for me to consider the "me time" a waste of time. But I feel that if I spend this time, by myself, but for my family, I will finally be able to look around and feel, somewhat, that I have things a bit more together.


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Anonymous said...

You are such an awesome mom! Gardens! Wow! I admire how devoted you are to your family. I can't imagine driving across the country with 4 kids. We went to Junction and I thought I was going to go mad. You rock!