Saturday, May 03, 2008


This post has been titled "Superman" because my third son, whom this is about, has been running around in a Superman costume for pert near a week now. The cape could ALMOST fly around by itself. (What is funny is my 4th son is doing the same thing. SO wonderful to have such a SUPER family.)

So, my third son is the one with know, the little ear, no ear canal. It will get fixed in a year or three. You probably can look at my archives and find out about it or Google it. Depending on how I feel in a few when this is done, I might do the work for you...or not. :D

ANYWAY, we are not ashamed or embarrassed by his ear. Honestly, we seldom think about it. Others seldom notice it. If I say something about it, a lot of adults say something like, "He doesn't have a complete ear? I never noticed that." The boy can hear, he can talk, and he is as cute as a bug.....pretty, really...but I digress.

Since it is not an issue (yet) we don't make it an issue. We don't talk about it. We don't sit around the kitchen table and belabor the fact that out of 6 people, there are only 11 fully-formed ears. We don't lose sleep...none of that. That means that we haven't really talked to our son about it, either. He is 5. He doesn't do a lot of grooming in the mirror, so really, the subject hasn't come up.

Picture this....5 year old kid ogling himself (heh...that sounds kinda naughty) in the mirror and yells, "MOM....WHA'SUP WIT' MY EAR?"

Nope....just hasn't been a topic of conversation.

The other day, he was in the bathroom while his daddy was getting ready to fly out. DH cleaned his ears with a q-tip and ds #3 asked for a q-tip. He (the son) cleaned his "good" ear and stopped. DH asked him why he didn't clean his other ear.

Good question! Not real sure what he would say....does he realize? Can he tell? Imagine our surprise when we found out that a bad guy closed it and locked it.

Hmmmmmm.....I guess the Man of Steel is not immune to :

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Theresa said...

Sweet boy! I love his attitude! I wonder where he got that from? haha