Wednesday, May 14, 2008


There is something that I'm really thankful for, right at this very moment. Actually, I'm thankful for so much, but this is a little victory, actually.

When you are raising children, you do your best to teach them right from wrong. You teach them how to act at home and in society. You work with them on their school work, on homework, and on kicking goals. You teach them the importance of cleaning their rooms, taking a shower, brushing their teeth and keeping "treasures" out of the way of younger siblings. You stay on them about obedience, about praying, the importance of reading the Bible and becoming a young man (or woman) of God. And when ALL of this is done for the day, you tuck them in bed, give them a hug and kiss, say your prayers and silently pray that SOMETHING is sinking in.

Today, was a really rough day. In fact, had I not already posted about Alexander here, I would have planned my trip to Australia. My piano got broken, the bathroom flooded TWICE, food spilled, plates dumped, ink on furniture, hitting, kicking, screaming (I'm still talking about the kids)....Have I told you the bathroom flooded TWICE? Countless other incidents that are, in and of themselves, small, but they sure added up.

Anyway, after all was said and done, there remained 4 children, three of whom were in bed....1 actually asleep, and the other in need of a fingernail trim. SO, clippers in hand, I set to trimming nails. A few close snips later, I apologized to my oldest and told him that I was having trouble focusing - that I would calm down and do better. I took a deep breath when my youngest, who has been in bed for 1-1/2 hours by now (and NOT asleep...lest you misunderstand the scenario) and stated he needed a pull-up. (Of course, he didn't need it - he just wanted out of bed...AGAIN.)
I open my mouth, to yell, no doubt (I won't lie....I yell), when my son says: "Be careful, Mom. 'Harsh words bring about anger.'"


He continues, "You haven't been reading your Bible everyday, have you? It's important to do that, or else you'll forget what God says in his Word."

Fingernail clippers......$1.49
Package of Pull-ups....$13.49

Having a son quote the Bible.......PRICELESS
What a moment that was. I'm so proud of my son for speaking up....knowing that, in my mood, I could have easily told him not to sass me.



Unknown said...

That is truely priceless. Children sometimes as so spot on.

Ashley said...

Wow! That's great!

Anonymous said...

They will amaze you won't they? I just love it when you think they are not listening or not reading the word and low and behold they completly suprise you with comments like yours. I love it!

Anonymous said...

And, way to go mom!!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool, you gotta be proud!

Anonymous said...

That is a priceless moment. Good job Mom!!!

Theresa said...

They sure do know how to put us in our place! Awesome! I long to be quoted scripture by my children!

Mommy Spice said...

Goosebumps....that's all I can say.