Friday, September 19, 2008


First off, I need to say this: when you read the title, you have to say it like the cowboys on the Pace commercials when they discover that their salsa was made in "NEW YORK CITY?!"

The reason I never blogged about it is because I was lazy, got distracted, choose something.

SO, I will tell you about our wonderful trip, now.

Last further....LAST June (of 2007) my hubby and I took our annual "weekend" kid-free outing. This time, it was to NYC. Now, DH is the "world-traveler" being a pilot and all. Me? I'm just a country bumpkin out of place in any setting but one with dirt and sticks within spitting distance. So this trip was a NEW thing for me. I was so excited....and a bit scared.

We stayed in the Waldorf Astoria (my choice.) I wanted to stay in someplace famous. You hardly ever hear of the "Motel 6 of New York." It was gorgeous (I'll put up some pics.)

We did some sights...went on top of some really tall (frighteningly so) buildings. We walked a LOT. My feet hurt. (I need a foot rub....Aaron?)

We flew in on a Friday afternoon (late) and were home by Sunday night so we had to get a lot of stuff done in a brief amount of time.

The highlight was going to a Broadway show. We saw "Chicago." Joey Lawrence played the male lead. He is a cutie-patootie. We were on the 2nd row. At the end, when the girls threw out flowers, I caught one. It is packed away (somewhere ) waiting for me to scrapbook it.

We took the ferry out past Ellis Island, on into Staten Island. There, I met a cyber-friend. So fun to meet people IRL when you have been getting to know them online for a few years.

Probably the thing that stuck out most was the subway travel. Now, the cities close to where I live have public way of buses. I had never been on a subway. I've only been in a taxi MAYBE a dozen times.

But, being the bumpkin I am (and not a city girl in the least) I was really nervous when it came to being out on the street....even more so when in the subways.

First off....NYC stinks.....OMG does it stink. I was surprised at how dirty it is. There are neat things to do, but man, oh man. BLECH.

On the full day that we were there we went through St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was was the wedding that was taking place inside. Seriously. Hundreds of people going through and around the edges of this church, and there was a couple getting married there. Hmmmmm....wonder how much that cost them?

Anyway, one time, we were on the subway and this girl was standing in front of me. She had track marks all up and down her arms. I know of people (including friends) who have done drugs. That is sad enough, but to be an adult and strung out? Poor soul. It just makes me sad. (And I know you are curious, but I have NEVER done an illegal alcohol when I was underage.)

The biggest scare...and it is funny, looking back, but it freaked me out! The subway had come to a stop, we stayed on. This man (obviously a user and homeless and suffering, I'm sure, more unpleasant afflictions) got on. The doors closed and he said,


I immediately bowed my head...I was convinced that we were about to die.

Heh....he was begging for money.

That probably happens often.

Anyway, those are just a few things that we did. Now, I want to go back. Since I don't have to do the touristy stuff, there is more stuff I want to do without rushing around. Like the museum,

Central Park,

GYROS!!!! OMG....the GYROS!!!

and more Broadway!


zoinatt said...

Looks like you had fun great pics. LOL about the subway thing although I would've probably reacted the same way.

Anonymous said...

I like New York!! I am more comfortable there than our own downtown L. A.! I like the subway and the people. I could watch all day!!

I have been there 3 times now!! I would like to go back with friends that would be fun!

Mommy Spice said...

One of my favorite trips that D.S. and I did one summer was NYC. My cousin lives there, so we stayed in her little apartment with her gay roommate. I know, weird, but I've also known him since he was a little boy, and it wasn't' so weird. Anyway, my cousin made out a guide for us to follow each day. We saw Lion King, went to Ellis Island, stood on top of the World Trade Center, passed by the Waldorf, ate a hot dog in Central Park, stood out front of David Letterman begging to get in, and went to FAO Schwartz twice, and rode the subway to Coney Island! It was so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I loved NYC we went with our youth group from church June 2007 (come to think of LL we flew in on the Sunday you left) but it was amazing and so surreal. We saw Phantom which was PHENOLMANOL (I know I spelt that wrong.We also road the "R" subway and it was a bit scary at first but by the time we left NYC we were subway pros. But I think the part that really will forever be with me was helping the homeless at a soup kitchen. But like Miss Paula I would love to go back and do a girls trip..

Unknown said...

I've never been. It would be nice to go one day too. I think that everyone should be able to say that they've been to NYC!

Anonymous said...

As a local, from a safety point of view, I'd ride the subway at 2 am any day before eating a gyro from a street cart.

NYC has changed a lot over the past few years...many people say it's now like Disneyland. (Thanks, Mayor Giuliani.) Next time you visit, rest assured that you're safe on the streets and the subway. The "unsafe" parts are not anywhere near what you'd want to see. The biggest danger you'll encounter is NYC "sidewalk rage" -- that would be someone like me zooming around you while making a disgusted noise...because you're walking too slow and clogging up the sidewalk traffic. We don't care if your feet hurt. Get the #@$* out of the way!! ;)

Kaira said...

I've been one time too - with a girlfriend of mine. We were there for 2.5 days and stayed at the Waldorf as well. I confess - we stole our robes/pillows. The guilt got to me later and I gave them away :(

I too was shocked by the dirtiness of the city. Also how everything was bustling all day. We were in shopping bliss and then the entire city shut down at 5ish. Chicago did that to us too. It just sucked because short of taking in a show or going to a bar - there was little to do. All the shops had bars on the windows and it was dark and gloomy at night.

While we were there we ended up in MTV studios (yes, much younger back then) auditioning for Say What Karaoke.