Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am so sorry for being MIA for the past bit. There has been so much going on. So this post...for the 3 of you who read and a dump. I have been busy and am behind in EVERYTHING. This post will probably be boring. It isn't even necessarily to tell you what is going on, but to help clear my mind...or I won't be able to sleep.

Frankly, I had totally forgotten about blogging for the past few days when I was watching Martha Stewart (recorded). She was talking about blogging. WELL...I realize I neglected the TMTT! That is my favorite time to blog. I'm sorry. I will do it next Tuesday.

At this point, I'm going to ask you to stand back....I will start with Sunday the 7th. It won't be a play-by-play, but will have a lot of the "why" I have been missing a bit.

The 7th, my hubby and I missed church...well, I missed church because my 3rd was having asthma issues. Granted, that stuff isn't contagious, but considering how his cough was just gross sounding, I didn't think adults would like to hear it around their own kids. Because of the sickness, we missed our Bible study...which is now every week for 8 weeks instead of every other Sunday. DH came home...which is a big help.

The week went along decently. Wednesday found my hubby tearing up my bathroom. I have now been sent to the boys bathroom. EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! So that has been interesting, to say the least. But by Wednesday....or was it Thursday? I was getting sick. Too sick to go to Pilate's, but NOT too sick to go to Pokeno. Heh...I DO have my priorities straight. Meanwhile, DH had to halt work on the bathroom as my 1st and 2nd sons had piano, 2nd had soccer, but had to miss because HE was feeling puny.

In Pokeno, we have to bring a gift...I decided to bring some glitter pumpkins. So last Wednesday, I did 4 of them for the game. They are SO CUTE. I need to do some more. I'll do them then post some pics.

The weekend came FINALLY and we got to go see the Eagles. All I will say is was expensive, yes, BUT there was no opening act. They started at 8:20 and ended at 11:45 with ONLY a 20 minute intermission. They were AWESOME!!! I will start saving NOW in the event that they should live long enough to do another show here.

My boys are a bit behind in their JBQ stuff...nothing that is a problem, per se. There is just a certain test that we wanted them to complete by the end of August....we are now shooting for the end of September, before competition starts. No 2nd only has to know 288 questions and answers and #1 only has to know 480 questions and answers. (I'm not kidding.) I have also decided to do what they are doing and am dismally behind in the 288 that I should know for the first test.

DH has been slaving away on the bathroom....pulling wallpaper and repainting the walls, baseboards AND cabinets.....pulling and reseating the toilet, replacing the floor....such a good, good man. I don't brag on him NEAR enough, but he is one in a million. (And no, I'm NOT saying that because he is one of my faithful readers...he truly is my hero.) BUT, in the last few days, my poor baby has started getting the same funk that 3 of us have had (minus the asthma) I hope the other 2 don't get it.

Last night, my 4th grader had an INSANE amount of homework.....we were up until 9:30 doing it. He goes to bed at 8:30. I sat with him the entire time...helping. I didn't DO his work, but I eased his pain as much as possible. In my honest opinion, that is TOO MUCH!!!! When I taught 7th grade, I gave no more than 10 problems for homework. I can tell if a kid understands or not....I don't need to see 50 division problems to get that he doesn't understand division, you know? Also...THEY'RE KIDS!!! It has been beautiful, as far as weather goes, so we have been playing. I'm sorry....there is more to life than "book learnin'." ooooook! Stepping off my box now.

Yesterday, we went to Lowe's to pick out a new faucet for my sink and you know what? They had their Christmas stuff out. I'm beyond excited!!! I'm also behind ALREADY!!! I'm working on it, though. The kids and I went to Target to buy Halloween costumes...they were putting their stuff out, too. Same as last year....SEPTEMBER 16!!! In 9 days, the Great State Fair of Texas opens.....that is the official opening for the holidays around here. So you may be wondering why/how I'm behind. Well, I usually have my Christmas cards ordered by now. But this year, I haven't seen any that have "spoken" to me. I'm a bit panicked. It will be full-blown hysteria if I don't have them in my hand by the first of November.

Monday, I went and played Bunco. So fun. Heh.....during one of the games, I was talking to my partner and she was asking about the concert: Where was the concert? Were they good? Did they sing Desperado? Things like that....(I'm forgetting to mention that I was wearing my Eagles t-shirt....showing the men standing on a dune...."Long Road Out of Eden" tour.) So anyway, an older lady beside me says, "Which Eagles?" Huh? That's like asking, "Which Martha?" or "Which Bon Jovi?" I smiled, pointed at my shirt and said, "THE Eagles." partner and I have had a great laugh over that. must have been all the holiday excitement that has caused me to forget to do the TMTT. I need to plan out the holiday stuff I want to share so I can get it on in a timely manner.....

I was painfully behind in couponing. I get 4 papers per week....that is 16 coupon inserts per week. Well, I was about 4 1/2 weeks do the math. BUT, I did sit down tonight for about 2 hours (watching Martha...recorded) and worked. Now I'm only two weeks behind.

I need to work on the school section of my Home Management Notebook. I am homeroom mom to both boys. It will be long as I don't forget something. Anyway, our school does "Birthday Friday" which is the last Friday of the month in which 4 kids bring juice and goodies (usually cupcakes) to celebrate. It is NOT a takes about 10 minutes, but it is a little treat to say, "Happy Birthday" and all that crap. I am in charge of that....not to mention the 4 other parties (is it 4? Le?) I need to get my spreadsheet for each class, with names and birth dates and kind of sketch out who will do what/when. I do it NOW so I can make sure it is even for all. (Yep....anal, but I don't care.)

Not as much homework tonight. #1 worked hard today during school...remembering the pain of last night. He finished in about 30 minutes. We then went to guitar lessons. Then we came home and all 4 boys rode 4-wheelers while I worked on my Pampered Chef order and began my annual flip through a holiday cookbook so that I may begin to plan my Thanksgiving, candy/goodies making and Christmas dinners (in that order.)

My house is a disaster....I blame the bathroom.

I just checked out a book from the library....never heard of the book or author. We'll see. But first, my oldest is about to read 2 novels for his class (starting in about 3 weeks) I need to get those read. YES, I read everything they have to read for class. How can I be "THAT MOM" if I need to be, if I don't know what is going on? (Le...are y'all reading stuff as a class? Wonder if they are the me.)

I'm behind in laundry. I really need to do 3-4 loads a day to be in good shape. Well, I haven't done any since Saturday, I think. Hmmmmm....I blame the bathroom again.

I really should go to Pilate's tomorrow, but she about killed me 2 weeks ago, and I need my life...otherwise, who is going to fold all the clothes? I might just sit around a work on the house.

OH...and I now coordinate the food for our Bible study group....we meet at 6 and end at 8:30. We eat together and I have since begun coordinating it. So....nothing major, just part of what is happening.

Well, y'all...that is the insanity of my world. Really not insane, I just choose to make it so. My hubby says I need stress to feel right. I guess so.

You know what bugs me? When people write "chose" instead of "choose." They do that because of "lose" and "loose." Do they really get "corn-fused?" have selected something YESTERDAY (or whenever) VERB past tense select something, VERB present tense misplace something, VERB present tense need of tightening, ADJECTIVE (mainly) though it can be an adverb or a verb

Granted, these are not Webster's...these are ~LL~'s. (I'm sure I'll hear some belly-achin' about that, but.....whatever.)

But that is a whole "nother" blog.

I'll be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun at the Eagles :) You make me smile,thanks!

Ashley said...

Whew! That's a lot going on!!

I thought about you yesterday -- I was at a local craft store and saw their ailes and ailes of Christmas stuff ... I thought I was going to cry. My heart was full when I left the store!! :)

Anonymous said...

ok, but the real question here is did you make it through all this without a DP?!

Anonymous said...

I am tired just reading the post, I can't imagine how tired and exhausted you must be. I have laughed several times through the week when I thought of "Which Eagles?" ROLFLMBO!!!!!

~LL~ said...

Les....I had one DP at The Eagles was purely celebratory. :D That is my 3rd since I started this thing (which is now at 4 weeks.) AND, believe it or not, I still have a Dublin in my fridge.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I am jealous about the Eagles concert! Good for you. Glad you had fun. I am tired reading about your week. Lots going on.

Alicia @ said...

You have been one busy gal!! We are glad you are back!!

Anonymous said...

Good job!

Anonymous said...

It's 9 AM and I now need a nap! You wore me out!!! Gosh!!

You are in need of some un-hurriedness!!! You are going to burn out quick!!!

So loosen your belt or you'll lose your mind, and if you chose the latter you are choosing to fry!

Miss P

Mommy Spice said...

Ummm, I have to go take a nap now after reading all that...LOL!! I am exhausted just reading about allll you do. I am a bump on a log right now compared to you.

In response to your comment on my blog; Did you notice the end of the video where S.G. started to snort and wake up? Well that's when I turned off the video because I was cracking up.

Looks like we're coming into Red Oak tomorrow. Gotta pack up the house...we have a contract. Woo-Hoo!!

Catey said...

Yikes woman! : )

I'm totally with you on the homework-there have already been two homework evenings that made me debate discussing this with the teacher...

Congrats on not only surviving the past little while, but in doing with without a DP crutch!

zoinatt said...

Wow you were busy. YAY for surviving. I'll join you on the too much homework thing UGH it's too much.

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the lose/loose thing! It would be an easy typo to make but I always wonder when I see it if the person knows how to spell at all. I think that errors like that that look like the wrong word is being used decrease the appearance of the writer's intelligence more than ordinary typos and misspellings. lol

Don't wear yourself out. You may be able to blame it on the bathroom but you'll still be worn out. ;-)

Kaira said...

I love your Christmas blogs...

will you share the Christmas Cards with us when you finally find the ones that speak to you? I bought mine last year after Christmas. I try to have them done by Thanksgiving so when I leave the house (at 4am) on the day after Thanksgiving I can drop them in the mailbox. I feel really good if my cards are the first cards that people get... sort of to kick of the season for my loved ones :)