Monday, November 10, 2008

Holiday Cooking

Almost, but not quite, embarrassed to show this.

Today, while working on my Making a Happy Home post I was also thinking about what I would fix for tonight's Bunco gathering. I was looking in a holiday cookbook. I then thought it would be fun to put a picture up of my holiday cookbooks. There aren't too many.....only 5 cookie books. Why do I need 5 cookie books? And keep in mind that these are just HOLIDAY cookie cookbooks. Hmmm...I can think of 2 more (at least) that I have; not to mention the cookies in my regular baking books.

So you are probably asking why I'm embarrassed.

Keep going.

I mean, I'm not so embarrassed that I'm about to get rid of stuff or anything, but still. Let's take a quick tour.

Click on the picture to see it larger, but here is what I have:

1 Better Homes and Gardens cookbook
3 Gooseberry Patch cookbooks
1 Betty Crocker cookbook
1 Paula Deen cookbook
1 Taste of Home Thanksgiving cookbook
1 Nabisco Holiday cookbook
5 Christmas cookies cookbook
1 Holiday planner

Heh...keep in mind this is JUST for the holidays! Fun, huh?

Is your menu planned? Get on it!


Unknown said...

Good gravy...we know what NOT to get you for Christmas!!

erica said...

My grandmothers still do Holidays at their houses. I just bring what I'm told. My holiday meals are usually the day before and they are either Italian or Mexican so that we're not so sick of Turkey, dressing, etc. I do love to plan meals... maybe I'll start doing something big on their birthdays.

Anonymous said...

I need to come over and go through your cookbooks, I only have 3 yes I know that disappoints you. I have not started on my meal plan but I usually don't have to do one because I just go from family to family.