Saturday, February 07, 2009


Well, kind of.....

This week has been busy. And it needed to be.

I feel really good about all that I have accomplished. I did get on the computer some, but not near as long as normal....sad, huh? I have trouble controlling that.

That being said, I think I'm going to limit my time on the computer, from now on, and only blog on certain days. I won't set anything in stone as to what days, but something flexible. I will still do Making a Happy Home Monday and really hope that you wonderful people will join me.

I plan on continuing Tempt My Tummy Tuesday.

AND, I would like to do at LEAST one other post per goal is 3-5 posts per long as I get my other stuff done.

So, what all have I done? Well, mainly, I did laundry. It was at an embarrassing state....I can't even begin to tell you how long it took me. I'm too ashamed of that fact. Suffice to say that I averaged 2 hours every night on it. It's not totally done....'cause really, when is it ever TOTALLY done? BUT, it is to where I don't have to dig for anything. Drawers are wonderfully stuffed and closets are magnificently jammed....Now to maintain...THAT is the big issue.

I also started working out....trying to go 4-5 times a week. I got in two. More about that in a bit.

I have been working a lot on JBQ with my kids. We had a meet last Saturday and another, for my 2nd, today. He did really good. And my oldest....he is impressive. I thought it would be fun to do a youtube on it. I'll think about that. I could show you what all they have to learn, then let each kid show off a little bit. Our church is really good. I won't get into a lot of details as it would be too identifying. However, MOST teams worry about us. ;)

Yesterday started off as a good, but busy day. I had to take my youngest to the doctor. He had been running fever for a few days. And, though the fever had broken, I didn't want to risk an ear infection over the weekend without meds. That is NO FUN!!!

So, we went in and got weighed, swabbed, prodded, nudged, listened to and all that. Everything sounded and looked great. Thank goodness, no infection.


Just the flu.


None of us have EVER had the flu. And now, my sweet baby tested positive for flu.

As his fever was already down and nobody else in the family is even showing signs of problems, the doctor isn't treating anyone. However, we aren't going to the Y until we are all perfectly well....and SHAME on you mommies who take sick kids and put them in with other children....I know the Y is where we got it.......stepping down.....

We are just waiting it out. My son is tired, (voluntarily naps) and hasn't been eating, but the poor baby has THE FLU!

I have started giving my 3rd son breathing treatments (he is the one who tends to be asthmatic) as a precaution. The meds don't hurt if he doesn't need them. SO, we'll see what the rest of the weekend brings for us.

Other than that, I'm in a happy place. It's amazing to me how laundry can make, or break, my attitude. It is just so taxing to have to dig through mounds and mounds just to find matching socks. And undies....OH MY....we have SO MANY UNDIES!!!

For those of you who grabbed my button, thanks. The lady who did it is at this site. These buttons are SO CUTE! What a fun way to link to other blogs! Go check it out and get one designed. If I don't have your button yet, don't panic...I'm getting there. I'm slow....but I should have everything done within this next week.

Alright...that's it. I can think of so much more, but I've already been on here for the allowed time. I need to go do something else. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. It truly means a lot to me. Know that I'm praying for you all, too.

I'll see you Monday!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the undies sister! :) When I get all our laundry done (that happens like NEVER) I realize how many undies we all have! ha ha

Glad your back!

Unknown said...

Yeah for a productive week!!

justdawn said...

I feel your pain. The flu sucks and the laundry? It is the bain of my existance. I HATE doing laundry.

YAY you for getting yourself caught up! I am working on that, myself.

Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

Yay! So glad to see you're back! Laundry can be so overwhelming at times. Good thing the big part is finished! Happy youre keeping Monday's Happy Homes!

Alicia @ said...

Glad you are back LL!!!

I also monitor my computer time can get out of control and take over "true" priorities in life. Its definitely a great habit to get into!!

Reflections in My Mirror said...

Laundry is NEVER done! Just when you think you have that LAST load done - it's bathtime - and there's the next load! I try to do a load everynight; but when your laundry room is part of the re-model and you loose your washer for several weeks - we have to go to the laundry mat - it is AWFUL!
Just keep plugging away at the piles - and know that LAUNDRY IS NEVER DONE :)
Amy Q