Wednesday, May 13, 2009


OK, y'all. Sometime soon...not sure when...I'll be having a drawing/give away.

Now considering I only have about 6 readers, you should ALL get something.
Just doing a quick count, I have 8 cook books, 8 Cooks Illustrated magazines and 6 Cooks Country magazines. (The magazines will be given away 1/2 each per bundle...does that make sense?)

Anyway, I haven't even crawled under the bed, through my stacks of "to go throughs" or in the bedside table.

So first, I need help from my friends tollesons4him or Lisa to tell me how they did their give away. I'm new at this.

Please don't start commenting wanting on the list yet. (You can comment and tell me if you like the idea (or not)). I will post when I'm ready and also post pictures of what, exactly, is going to be up for grabs. The area of my kitchen that is dedicated to my cookbooks is a it out will still not allow me to fit everything. I love cookbooks, but I have to start cutting back. I'm analyzing what I simply "must have" (ridiculous sounding, huh?)

I always have the best intentions. I get a new cookbook, feel badly about my habit and decide that next time, I will JUST SAY, "NO!" But, then? I get a new know the ones? Review the book for 30 days. Keep it and pay 10% less than the "normal man." Or return it with no obligation.

Well, the conversation is always the same. My sweet hubby sees the box, which obviously contains a book, and asks, "Is this one of your cookbooks?"

Me - "Probably."

Hubby - "Did you want this one?"

Me - "I always want a new cookbook, but if you tell me, "No" then I will send it back." (As I am ripping open the box with the excitement of a starved lion disemboweling an antelope.)

I'm so sorry for this picture. My first impression was that it was too gross and graphic...then I just started laughing out loud! Sorry for my sick humor! ROFLMBO!!!

Hubby - (being the delightful soul he is) "OK."


(This is a side note to my sweet darlin'! Please don't see this as my desire to have you "cut me off." PRETTY PLEASE? I will try to cut back. You know the books I absolutely want...we've talked about it. The problem is that I have to open them to see if it is part of that group. Then, well if it weren't just so stinkin' beautiful....I can hardly stand it. But, I'm working on it!)

WOW!!! That was a tangent, wasn't it?

The point of this post is to say that I will soon be giving away some wonderful cooking literature. If you like the idea, let me know and stay tuned for the whens and the hows to be entered for the drawing!


erica said...

I just laughed so hard... seriously with the antelope! HA!

I love the idea.... very fun!

Catey said...

You know what's funny? I was looking at a shelf full of cookbooks the other night and said to Aaron "I wonder if LL would want this cookbook since I have two of them!" ha!

Grateful Gramma said...

Great idea! I love the Cooks Illustrated magazines. I have all the best of intentions about cooking. Have NO confidence; never did really learn to cook, but I I keep collecting cookbooks and cooking magazines and thinking I'm gonna start soon....

jcscraphappy said...

love your blog glad i came acrossed it, love the give away idea.