Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have been so slow in getting my stuff up. Well, it's not just my blog.

I do love you all and have tons to say, as always.

I'll just give a little rundown of what is going on so far. I have my Monday post planned. I will also be taking pictures of those cookbooks today....I promise, today!

I hope.

We have been busy busy with summer activities.

All 4 boys have been in swimming lessons. We go from 10:45 until 12:45. Two of the boys are together, so there are 3 classes that we attend. One of the lessons was cut short and another cancelled, due to storms. We will be making those up this Sunday....uh, tomorrow.

Beginning Monday, we will be done with lessons, so we will start our 3-5 times/week trips to the Y to go swim.

Speaking of storms, we have had some doozies. Wednesday night, we got several of which sent us all to the bathroom. It was after midnight, the electricity went off, sirens started to's hard enough to get 4 kids into the bathroom when you have to wake them from a dead sleep...but to do so in pitch black...that was harder. Sure we had candles in the house....flashlights, matches. But, really? Who thinks of that when you don't know where the tornado is? Just get into the bathroom.

My little storm chaser was freaked and wouldn't sit and wait while I grabbed the babies....well, the 4 year old and 6 year old. He held onto my t-shirt while I stumbled and scrambled to get everyone in and settled while dh went to the back of the house for ds #1.

Another storm that night brought a tree down. :-( I'm sad for my tree....

We had a birthday party last Saturday. Twelve adults and 21 kids. We got a big, inflatable water slide. I had a lot of fresh fruit cut up for anyone who cared (watermelon, pineapple, cherries, grapes, strawberries and blueberries). We had 2 cakes because the party was for #4 who turned 4 this past Sunday and #1 who turns 10 on the 25th. One was a white cake "Backyardigans" theme and the other? Oh my.....Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Brownies with chocolate frosting. mm, mm, mmmmmmmm! Of course, ice cream to cut the sweet.

DH and I are getting ready for our 20 year, high school class reunion. More on that, later. We leave Wednesday and come back Sunday. Of course, I'm fatter than I would like to be so, in true tradition, I'm on a crash diet. Four pounds down so far....I started Tuesday.

Kids are doing better on chores than I am. *sigh* I'm a work in process. Always will be, I suppose.

Only 31 and some hours until the new Harry Potter comes out. I don't do the midnight showing as I would need a midnight sitter for the 4 kidlettes. We usually go on day 2. However, that is when we are getting ready for our trip to Boston. SO, I might see this movie in Boston. The day after we get back from Boston, DH and my 2 oldest kids will go to church camp for a few days.

Man, the summer is almost over. I already miss my kids.

I need to get busy. School's starting, Fair is coming, Holidays are eminent which means......CHRISTMAS! Already have my holiday book out. :)


Unknown said...

Poor tree!

momto3_jjj said...

If you are a bad blogger then what does that make me...LOL!!! Don't be so hard on yourself and read what you just're crazy busy and doing it all WITH your kids! You're simply the best mom, friend and blogger I know! Love you tons!!!

Alicia @ said...

I have been a really bad blogger too!! Life is so busy!!