Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What can I say? I was stupid. Looking back, I can think of a dozen things I should have done, but didn't. Instead, I scared myself, my hubby and my friends. I have spent many moments since telling myself how stupid I was. Now? I just thank God that He kept me safe.

I have been skydiving. Tons of fun! Stupid? Maybe. But, still...I'm glad I did it.

I have been rappelling....a LOT! Loads more fun than skydiving.

I am not here to talk about THAT stupid stuff. No, I'm talking about the life-threateningly stupid stunt.

Let me set the stage:

Hubby and I, along with our 4 boys, joined some dear friends of ours for an outing on a local lake. It was a bit windy. Not too hot. The water was just right. We had a few inflatables to pull behind the boat. There were a few jet-skis.

My boys have all had lessons, though I only consider my oldest to be water-safe (in a pool.) However, we made sure that all 6 kids (their 2 included) had their safety vests on the entire time. You can't be too careful with kids aged: 11, 9, 8, 6, 5 and 4. We moms sat on the end of the boat sunning while the kids were in the water, at our feet. One dad was on a jet ski. The other was swimming, sans vest.

So at one point, his daughter started to drift a bit. She got a little freaked. Her dad went after her, but then had trouble. He started to holler that he needed help. Now keep in mind that it is windy, there is water noise, boat noise and he is winded. While his wife turned to my hubby (who was floating on the jet ski by the boat) to ask if we heard him, I took off my sunglasses and dove in. (Also, sans life vest.)

In my defense, as a mom, I think I went a bit blind. I saw that this sweet little 5 year old girl was panicked....though in her life vest. I was always a strong swimmer. I've never made a lake rescue.

I got to her quickly. I turned to head toward the boat and realized the issue I was in.....not only was she in a current going one way, but I think the boat was in a current going the other. I promise you that the distance I swam to get to her was doubled by the time I turned. NOT GOOD!

Thankfully, my hubby was there. He pulled off his life vest to give to me. I got it on while the little girl clung to the side of the jet ski. DH grabbed the loop at the top of her vest and pulled her up and drove her to the boat.

It was during that time that I mentally started to kick myself....and suffer claustrophobia. Though I was floating...out and away, I might add, I felt the weight of the vest against me. Being a musician, I have always breathed with my diaphragm. I couldn't expand it enough, but I couldn't get enough air with just my lungs. My hubby came to get me. I grabbed his leg and he towed me to the boat.

Now, here are some interesting hubby, upon hearing our friend's call for help, started yelling for me to toss a life vest to our friend. I didn't hear him. I most certainly would have done that, had I thought of it. I have learned that he is always calm and cool-headed in a crisis....unlike myself. Also...I KNOW BETTER! I mean, really! I do. But, I guess some mommy instinct, from the stupid side of my brain, kicked in and took over.

When I think about what could have happened....well, God was definitely keeping His hand on me. For that, I am thankful....also thankful for my hubby's well-timed arrival on the jet ski.

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Unknown said...

Awww ... don't be so hard on yourself. Those momma bear instincts just kick in and you just do what you have to do. (((hugs)))