Friday, July 03, 2009

ANXIETY I was going to post another favorite, but I just need to dump.

Let me preface this by saying that I am at a key time in my cycle (sorry if TMI), so that totally alters my outlook. I'm sure most of you ladies understand.

Last night, I had a mini-breakdown......I suddenly needed to go through the book case in my youngest boys' room NOW! First, we had to breakdown the bunk beds. It seems that the hooks on which the mattress frame sits are broken....I thought only 1. Nope....THREE of them are jacked up. SO, we had to get that going. (That was another point of panic. I don't want my kids sleeping on a bed that could collapse...especially when one is on the upper bed.)

Getting that out of the room, I needed to tackle the books...I started at 8:30 last night. I know, I know....but I get a little irrational at this time of month. I got 2 shelves cleared out for the kids' picture books to go from one set of shelves to this. The bottom shelf holds the books that DH and I need out or want to read soon. I have 2 to go up in the attic (just can't let go) and one to go into my garage with my other teaching materials. I also have a huge pile to go to the library for donation.

I need to get the bed fixed and put back in the room. I need to transition books.

BUT, the thing that is driving me nutso right at this moment? It is 1:45. I have company coming in 3 hours. I haven't gone to the store yet because our A/C is out....our A/C is out and our temp is 103.....right now. We've been getting up to 105 for the past 3 days. I have a service call in.....several companies say it will be Monday. Yuck. This one place *might* be able to get us fixed today. SO....I sit and wait. Sit and hope that they can fix the A/C. Sit and hope that DH (who has the boys at a movie) will get home in time for me to go to the store. Sit....with this knot in my stomach.

Nobody can really do anything to help me. It's just my normal, monthly psychotic behavior. Tomorrow will be better. But for now....for the next several hours, I will just silently go crazy.

ON A TOTALLY UNRELATED NOTE: I got the cookbooks out. Over 20 pounds of books/magazines out to the few. The faithful. I hope you enjoy them.

I will be back in a day or 2. I need to go play the piano.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great blog! I am very sorry that you are experiencing anxiety. You have too much to do in too little time. I said a prayer for you. I hope things get better for you soon.

I tried the shrimp appetizer you listed a while back. It didn't seem to have the right consistency for spreading on crackers. Are you supposed to heat the cocktail sauce or shrimp before pouring onto the cream cheese? My family loves shrimp, and I want to make sure this is prepared accurately for them.

If you have time, please post an answer in your comments. I'll certainly understand if you don't.


~LL~ said...

On the shrimp appetizer, there are a few ways I have done this, or can think of doing this.

One way is to use the whipped cream might be a bit softer. I tend to make it early enough that it starts to soften a bit. Another way I have done this is to actually whip the block with a fork....and then spread onto the serving platter.

I hope this helps.


Mommy Spice said...

Well, at least you didn't break anything or hurt anybody. :) Hope you're feeling better. I don't see how you did any of that in the that condition. I would just curl up on the sofa and watch happy movies until my a/c was fixed.

Reflections in My Mirror said...

Sounds like one of my "fits" that comes about every so often. My hubby KNOWS to stay outta my way when at 10:00 PM I am tearing out every cabinet, closet, or pantry in site tossing and wiping, scrubbing and throwing things!
I hope you feel better and that you had a good 4th after all..