Monday, July 13, 2009


**So what totally blows is that I had this post done before one o'clock. I worked on getting it up. As soon as I tried to put my pictures in, the blasted thing completely froze. I had to leave and didn't have time to reboot...until now. (Yes, Honey, I KNOW that I have a nice new computer, but I couldn't get the pics downloaded onto it, so I'm using the P.O.C. for the post.)**

Hey, y'all. As always, I start with the line of "Sorry I've been so long." It has been a crazy summer. I'll blog about it later.

Before I forget, if I don't get on here for awhile, it's because we are going out of town. We have our Boston trip, church camp, trip to west Texas.....all that going on between Monday and the 31st. I will be busy packing. It is hard enough to get everyone ready, but having to do that with the idea that 2 will be in S. Texas, 2 in W. Texas and 2 in Boston.....hmmmmmm.....interesting. So, if you don't see me for the next 3 weeks or so, don't worry. (Knowing me, though, I will be on to just to say, "hi.") you remember all those pictures I posted on the last blog? Well, this entry, and the next few, will be a follow up to this. In fact, if I work like I want, I will get more done, post it, but schedule my blog to publish it over the next 2-3 Mondays. (Did you know you could do that?)

Today, I have taken on one cabinet. It is the junk cabinet. It is still the junk cabinet, but it is "de-trashed" and a lot neater. This cabinet holds hubby's coffee grinder, filters, a nebulizer, meds, coffee cups, OFF, sunscreen....various bulky items that need to be out of the kids' reach.



ANOTHER ANGLE (because I'm not above embarrassing myself)



Anonymous said...

brave...very brave.

Theresa said...

I am above embarassing myself!! Maybe I'll give it a shot- one day!

Unknown said...

Yeah, my kitchen looks about the same lol. We have our cupboards stuffed so full of stuff it's not even funny. I think a good rearranging is in order.