Tuesday, July 07, 2009


OK....I haven't weighed in on my thoughts on MJ. Don't know that I had a lot of them, quite frankly. I will say that, though saddened, I was not devastated as so many seemed to be.

Was it Sharpton who said something like, "He was not a freak. He was a genius."

Really? Do those statements have to be exclusive? I think he was both.

I wasn't a fan. I wasn't NOT a fan. (Does that make sense at all?) I enjoyed a few songs. I twirled to "Bad." That was one of our funnest routines. (And yes, "funnest" IS a word and is grammatically correct.) I have (had) nothing against the man-child though he was a freak. He was.

No really......

He was!

AND, he was a genius! There will never be another like him. Just like there will never be a group like the Beatles. There will never be another Mozart. There will never be another.......~LL~! :) (Not saying I am a genius, though I feel that fact must be debated in some circles. LOL)

He was a freak. (I liked his music better when he was black. I DO think he was a lot prettier in the middle of his career. (See above picture.))
Adults should not behave around children the way he did. I heard on a radio talk show this morning that he (the host) did not consider MJ a pedophile because he had a stunted emotional IQ. How interesting? It was further stated that when MJ was interviewed, that he truly seemed to NOT understand what all the fuss was about. All I know is "SHAME ON THE PARENTS WHO LET THEIR KIDS OVER THERE UNDER SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES."

"But, ~LL~. How would they know?"

Yeah....really? A man? A grown man? A very rich, busy and well-known musician, wants to spend the night with your 10 year old son? Ummmmmkay!

The sadness I feel is in the fact that I do not know what his walk with Christ was. Did he go to Heaven? Did he go to hell? You can't always tell by the way a person acts. (Sad, huh?) But, we are to look at the Spiritual fruit that a person shows. I don't know of much....I didn't see any. Did you? I'm not trying to start a debate here. I really want to know.

Another angle.....after he died, I kept hearing of these investigations and an autopsy. Nobody could understand how a "healthy" 50 year old man would suddenly kick off.

Really? Healthy? Hmmmm......I guess maybe physically he could have been.

Well, that's all.

Have a great evenin', y'all!


Dana said...

I totally agree! Especially about the "Spiritual fruit". MJ was a very private person so I guess it would be hard for me to say definitively if he showed evidence of Spiritual fruit, but the Word does tell us to "go into the world and teach all nations...", and I don't recall MJ ever bearing witness of the Saving Grace of Jesus.
As always though , that's just my opinion.

Alicia @ refinedisaiah648.blogspot.com said...

I am totally with you here....I was thinking about his walk with the Lord too. Not sure. ANd it IS extremely sad that we cant tell anymore by how people live...