Monday, July 27, 2009


Hey, y'all!

As summer winds down, our activities are on the rise. Still lots of swimming, but there have been trips, concerts, school preps....all sorts of things.

My hubby and I just returned from Boston this past weekend. Today, my hubby and 2 oldest boys are on their way to church camp. I have been busy cleaning, laundering, making new chore charts and a few holiday things. (I will share more on that stuff later.)

Today, I want to dive into Making a Happy Home Monday. I would love for you to join me. Funny, I thought that this would take off a little bit know? Moms helping to hold each other accountable...helping to inspire and encourage. I guess I'm somewhat unique in my desire to be a better housekeeper. Either way, thank you to those who read and do share. I will "TRY" to add Mr. Linky again, for the 2 of you who do link up. ;) If it shuts it down, I will remove it.

For today's edition, I have continued my work on my kitchen. I really need to get through the kitchen. With the holidays fast approaching, ( "guffawed" a few weeks ago, but now, you have to admit, it is coming quickly) I need to get rid of some kitchen clutter. I have secured several new kitchen assets over the past year that has made the area a bit harder to work in. I'm still able to cook, but when i start my baking and candy making, I NEED SPACE!

I want to create a baking center. I have about 150 cookie cutters in various locations. 100 of them are in a box. The rest are in various drawers. We use the big, metal cutters for sandwiches. It's a LOT more fun to eat a sandwich in the shape of an oak leaf instead of a square. I have over a dozen of the holiday/seasonal cutters like that. (You know the ones....the Wilton, metal, rubber grip) The box has everything.....alphabet, numbers, shapes, holiday various sizes. So fun if I decide to make window cookies.

hmmmmm.....quite a rabbit trail, huh?

SO, ANYWAY *embarrassed chuckle*. I give you another kitchen cabinet. On the bottom, I had several serving pieces, and some glass measuring cups. Above that, a garlic roaster, various bowls, a vase with coins, above that, matches, candles, 2 crystal bowls, broken Christmas ornaments that needed mending, a baggie with small crystal-type beads for ornaments.....just a mess.

Now, it looks better.

Tell me what you think? Won't you join me?



Catey said...

Giving Mr Linky a try! And hey, even on those Mondays when I don't post, you can bet I'm doing some little project and thinking of you! : ) So you're not completely alone in that desire to do better!

Did you figure out the pics on the Mac?

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

You crack me up. It is not that I don't desire to be a better housekeeper. I think, okay, this week I am going to participate... then I remember... I HATE HOUSEKEEPING!!!! Isn't that horrible. I really do. I pick up and clean as I go... but the "let's get with it and do some projects, get organized" just does not kick in as much as I would like.

Pitiful, huh?

You cabinet/ shelves look good. Maybe I will get inspired. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. Sorry you didn't get the response you wanted. I think you did get the result you wanted - you felt -obligated, obliged, urged, inspired to do something each week to make you feel better in your role as homemaker. Some of us, apparently are just to OCD to stop and take pictures at the same time. In fact there's a chance I need to dial it down a bit! =-)