Saturday, May 03, 2008


First, I need to say this....I totally know that half my regular readership (that would be about 3 LOL) have black-listed me and no longer read.

For the rest of you, just know that those who needed to see it, saw it. (cryptic, huh?)


I have a document saved on which I am always adding new ideas for my blog....topics, I mean. And, for the record, I have a full page. I just need to get crackin'.

In light of these difficult economic times, I have decided to continue my work in the pursuit of being a Virtuous Woman by being a good steward of my hubby' hard-earned cash. So, some posts will be devoted to that: couponing, meal planning, budgeting....(meanwhile, my hubby sits, stifling chuckles)

I also have some trips that I want to write about. I never did write about my trip to NYC last summer, did I?

There are a few people in my life that are blog-worthy. I'll touch on them, too. never-ending trial.

New Year's resolution's follow-up. Isn't that like the 4th one, or so? will like that one, I think.

I might create a me-me. How fun to have something on cyber-space that many participate in that is mine :D

OK....I should get crackin'. I already have a post I need to write.

Stay tuned....lots of good stuff. (Not as good as what has happened in the last 2 weeks, but still fun.)

And to the 3 of you who don't read....well, never mind, you aren't reading, are you? HA!


Theresa said...

Your humor is GREAT! I love it! I can't wait to read all your tips, even if your Dh chuckles! BTW, I can't wait for Prince Caspian (sp?) to come out. Are you going to see it? And from a teachers perspective, have you seen Expelled? Just wondering your thoughts on it. I want to see it, but haven't yet.

~LL~ said...

I can't WAIT to see Caspian. Loved the books and the first movie. I will see it as soon as I can.

Expelled...I want to see it, but depending on the busyness of the rest of the school year, it might be a rental. I hear it is great.

Anonymous said...

Well I am reading you now so you can add me to your readership!!! HEE HEE I put you on my sidebar!!

Just be an encouragement and that seems to be what I have read from you!!