Friday, May 16, 2008


Nope....not today. I'll do the "meme" later....can I just say that I read at least 3 of the same can tell that we all cruise each other's neighborhood. I'll do it later.

BUT FIRST...I have to share with you how blessed I am to have the hubby I have.

My sweet hubby and I have been married almost 17 years. We do have one of those sickeningly wonderful marriages. He gives us what we need and almost ALWAYS what we want.

Well, just scroll down to read my latest post about the day I had a few days ago. Yesterday, wasn't really too different. Each event was not a problem. But it just kept coming and coming and coming.

I love my children. I love being a mom. I don't really care to get a lot of "me" time....but some days, I'm wound as tight as an 8 day clock. Yesterday was such a day.

I told my hubby that when he got home that I would need a break. I didn't have any plans except to run away for a bit. We aren't made of money. I knew the library would be closed, or closing soon. My option was pretty much to stroll through the aisles of WM...which I totally don't mind doing when I'm alone. I do like to grocery shop and stuff like that.

DH came home. I was sitting on the porch to escape the noise and craziness in the house....2 kids had followed. I was OK...just tired. SO TIRED.

My hubby gave each child some attention. Then, MY MAN gave me a much-needed bear hug. He then whispered some of the sweetest words in my ear. He said, "Go get a manicure and a pedicure. Go to a nice restaurant to eat. Take a book and go to Starbucks to get a chai latte and read. Come home when you're ready."

Couldn't you just kiss him? Well, no...not YOU kiss him, but you know what I mean.

I excitedly got ready to leave. I took about 15 minutes to give a briefing as to what had to happen that night with the kids. I went for my pedi and mani. I went to eat Italian food. I didn't go to Starbucks, but I did go to Walgreens for stuff. THEN, I went to Chick-fil-A for a cookies and cream milkshake. I was gone for a little over 3 hours.

My hubby sent me out for fun and peace and he handled soccer practice, dinner, finished a science project and bedtime.

THEN, to top it all off...he woke up to get the kids ready for school, took everyone who was awake for donuts, dropped off the kidletts and brought me some breakfast to boot!

I'm so blessed.



Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to get a much needed break every once in a while. I just love it when I get to have one. What a sweet hubby you have.
I think God has blessed both you and me in this category. Have a wonderful weekend. I want to see pic's of your pretty toes LOL...

Anonymous said...

That made me smile! Thanks for sharing. I too have a wonderful husband and know just what you mean! :) I'll be looking a little closer at your toes the next time I see you too!

Anonymous said...

And you should ;) Give Ol Man there a hearty handshake on my behalf lol

Anonymous said...

Oh I know the feeling when you can't go on anymore!!! And then, to have a hubbie whisper in your ear sweet things??? WOW!!! You ARE blessed!!

Ashley said...

You are SO BLESSED!! Glad you had fun on your evening out. I think it's so important to have that time to regroup yourself to be the best mom you can. Way to go hubby!!

Anonymous said...

DP? As in Dr. Pepper??? A bookstore and a DP!!! We would get along very well!!!

Alicia @ said...

Hi! I found your blog through my mother in laws, Paula!! I just wanted to come and visit and say hi!! I love this post, what a great hubby to do that for you!!! You needed a break and you received it in such a sweet way.


Mommy Spice said...

Well now!!! That's what I'm talk'in about!! That's the way it should be. I am SURE that you are "that" wife to him as well. What an awesome thing to do for you. I won't send a "kiss" his way, but give him a big high 5 for me!!