Monday, May 05, 2008


So, hubby and I had our annual eye exam and got our new Rx for contact lenses. Actually...not a new Rx, just a new kind of contact. We had been wearing the torric lenses and they are crap! Seriously, they dance all over your eyeballs and you spend as much time with blurry vision as you do good vision. BUT, that is not the point of the conversation.

I'm into couponing. I know a good deal when I see it. I even have a rebate form :D

I called to find out the out-of-pocket price, after rebate, for my hubby and I.

Here it is:

Me: 6 month supply, after rebate: $45
12 month supply, after rebate: $160
and should you think that my brain us jiggly (understandable in recent weeks) I DOUBLE checked.

I was going to say something if Dh's looked better:

He has 2 different contacts, 1 for each eye (he's special)

anyway: for 6 months, after rebate: $11
for 12 months, after rebate: $112

Nope...I didn't goof up on my typing. Seriously. Isn't 6 months HALF a year? Shouldn't it be HALF the cost?

There is a chance that she (the lady at the eyeball shack) could have given me the wrong totals, but if not...HOLY SMOKES!!!

That just goes to show all you Sam's and Costco don't ALWAYS get a discount from buying in bulk.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I have to go to the eye doctor in a couple of weeks. Mine are always expensive so tell me where you get the rebate from PLEASE.....

Mommy Spice said...

Ok, I just went through this last fall with having to get new contacts. I am like D.H., one special contact for each eye. I HATE them. They have tried to fix them several times so that I can read up close, but it's not working. I MISS the old torric contact that I could actually keep around for about 4 years...shhhh!! These, I have to throw out every 3 months. I'm not happy!! The old way was much more economical for me.