Monday, December 01, 2008

My friend at Tollesons4him tagged me with this meme....seemed fun, so I'm in!

SO, what you do is grab the book nearest to you, find page 56. Go to the fifth line. Type it, and the few following. Of course, tell us the name and author of the book. (And as I'm always looking for new reads, give me a thumbs up or down :D)

I had to relocate to do this. I'm sitting on my couch and all I have around is a Junior Bible Quiz son's and 6 Christmas picture books. SO, I went to where I do most, if not all, of my reading.

AND I got a little picky. Grab the closest book? How about I grab one of the 18 books in that area......I am not kidding you. I have a few Dr. Dobson books, a medical encyclopedia, several Bible study books, 2 Bibles, 2 Housekeeping books, the entire Twilight series, The Shack, 2 Karen Kingsbury, some Harry goes on and on. SOOOOOO, I chose this one:

BLEAK HOUSE, by Charles Dickens, a delicious looking novel of 817 pages. (Rubbing palms together, tempted to start it, despite the fact that I'm in the middle of 3 series and 2 other books....) I digress......

Bleak House, page 56, line 5+:

"'.....describing him to me?'
Shaking her golden hair, Ada turned her eyes upon me with such laughing wonder, that I was full of wonder too - partly at her beauty, partly at her surprise."

Doesn't THAT sound inviting......Hope to start it in January!

OK. I don't know how many people to tag; and of those, I don't know how many enjoy reading, so I won't hunt you down and hurt you, should you not fulfill your blogger-duty!

Les - at Let's Make a Memory
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Mommy Spice

later, y'all!


Unknown said...

Stealing this one!

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up!

Bleak House is favorite of all Dickens' novels. Go for it in January!--b