Friday, December 12, 2008


We still get it.

It is truly a small-town paper. It is printed once per week and during a good, full-of-news, week...the paper has 10 pages. Sometimes, it's only a 4 pager. Either way, the paper seems to be 75% filled with school-related news. The rest contains some local news, rarely state, never national news and short, mind-numbing blurbs telling everyone about who went on what vacation and if their rheumatism acted up or not.

Though my husband and I have been gone from our home-town since 1989, we have always received the paper - thanks to my grandparents.

For a long time now, I haven't recognized the subjects of the stories. Every now and then, I recognize the name of someone I used to babysit, but those times are getting fewer and farther between.

Most people consider writers to be professionals. They consider editors to do just that.....edit. And what does that entail? Several things....

  • Does the story flow?

  • Does the story make sense?

  • Are there any grammatical errors?

  • Is everything spelled correctly?

I personally think that these are reasonable expectations.

I mean, with computers, the holidays and all of the "educated" minds floating around my small-town of 3600, why am I baffled to see that "SANTA CLAUSE" is coming to town?


Cammie said...


Anonymous said...

hehe, that one makes me snicker, I see so many mispelled words these days, it is so commonplace and "accepted".

~LL~ said...

Don't you mean "excepted?"

LOL!!!! (another mistake that bugs the snot outta me!)

LRFK said...

Perhaps you need to have your grandparents change your subscription to the El Ave. I hear they know how to spell.

Erin said...

I believe you are referring to the same paper that we still get :)
If they did nothing but click spell check it would improve that paper tremendously. Spell check. Come on, people.

And on that note, did you know that there is a new paper in town, giving them a run for their money? It is much better. Check out
You will be pleasantly surprised! Do you remember Heather McGonegal (spelling?) and Jarad Basurto? They are married and are the editors/owners of this paper. You'll like it.

~LL~ said...
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~LL~ said...

Erin and LFRK....I have heard that same thing about the other paper. (She is a good friend of SIL's.) I'll have to try to get it.

I've heard that it is not only a better paper, but a bit more "accurate" in the news reporting. Interesting.