Friday, December 05, 2008


I'm mildly freaked about this.

My 2 oldest boys are on their first deer hunt.

I'm very nervous.

I trust their father.

I trust the people who are with them (friends from high school).

That is not the issue.

The issue is having my children hold, and shoot, a gun.

I am not anti-gun.

Not at all!

In fact, Hubby and I hope to get our conceal and carry license in the near future.

But, for my babies to be to holding killers....not something that will merely put an eye out.

I mean....YIKES!

That's hard-core.

OK....I just remembered something else and NOW I'm totally freaked! (This is funny, though.)

Hubby shot his best friend (who is going on the hunt with HIS son) in the buttocks with a pellet gun (or was it a B.B. gun, my love?) at several paces.


I asked that a few years ago.

His response?

"To see if I could."

I repeat:



justdawn said...

Good Grief.

Praying for your boys;) heh

Kaira said...

I so get it! Hubs and I are planning to get our ccw very soon as well. We just picked out our first guns last week - and oldest son held a shotgun for the first time - YIKES! I hear ya on this one - it's all a little scary.