Friday, December 05, 2008



I mean, I'm not in full panic mode, but I'm almost there.

As often, this post is for me....mainly to get it all out there. I'm not looking for kudos or "are you kidding me"s? or anything like that. If you know a way to help (particularly some ideas) PLEASE leave a comment.

SO....the death of Leonard really set me back a few days. I was busy trying to keep him comfy, not fall apart, and do SOMETHING around the house....don't know how I did on anything. All I know is that today has been the longest, most horrid day. First, I keep looking for Leonard. No, I'm not in denial. I know he's gone. But for 14 1/2 years I have had another baby to take care of. I keep wanting to check the water, make sure he is warm and fed...etc.

ALSO, I've been getting is full blown today. No matter how many tears I shed, or don't shed, I'm still snotty and coughing a lot.

And finally, (this is TMI, but it's coming out) I started today......WILL THIS DAY NEVER END?

OK....back to my panicked belly-aching.

That is me, today. I'm behind on my cards. My cards are usually MAILED by TODAY! Are they? NOPE! I still have to make about 30 of them. I don't have the picture of the boys for the inside, I haven't done our newsletter yet. *sigh*

I have a photo-shoot on Monday morning. (Doesn't that sound exciting?) Really. We have a local magazine that is published monthly. They feature a person each month for their cooking section. Well, I'm going to be featured sometime soon. COOL, HUH? I think February or March. I'm pretty stoked. So I need a sitter for that Morning.

That night, I have a Bunco Christmas party. I will be late, 'cause my sitter will be just getting off work.

Tuesday, my 2nd son has a field trip. I go on all field trips. (I'll get to drive with some really fun and great friends and then we'll eat at Chipotle.) I'll have a sitter for that. Then that night, I have a cookie swap.....that I'm organizing. I have to make the cookies for that....when? I haven't figured that out.(I'll get a sitter for that, too.)

Doesn't look too bad, huh? I forgot to tell you about this Sunday.....I have a worship team Christmas party for which I need to make a side-dish. I'm thinking deviled eggs. That is from 1-3. Then at 5:30, I have another Christmas party for which I'm making pecan bars.

(Still don't have my cards done, remember?)

Then, I get to breath until the 14th. I have another Christmas party that day...don't think I have to bring food for that. (Everydaygrace? Is that true? Just show up?)
The 15th, we are having some portraits done...I hope. They are scheduled, just don't know how we'll look with the 4 boys and 2 adults. Around that, for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I'll be baking and making my candies. THAT takes me a long time. A LONG time. This was the only time, before Christmas, that my hubby is HOME. a nutshell...what do you have? The nut!

The thing I need help with is this.....I have 2 Christmas parties to plan for school. That is not an issue. This is the 3rd year I have been homeroom mom for 2 rooms. The issue is my 2nd grader....they (2nd grade) are studying Christmas around the world. They have decided to each "be" a country and bring foods traditional to that country for the party.

We are Sweden.


I know of meatballs, and the hard, yucky, gummy fish candies.

Do you see my problem?


Help would be appreciated.
Done...gotta go procrastinate.


Alicia @ said...

Not sure I can help other than to say you are one busy lady and I am sending you TONS of ♥hugs!!♥ You will get through it all, just take it one thing at a time. Thats what my mom would tell me when I had six college finals and was freaking out. One step at a time, cross each one off the list as you go so you know you are accomplishing things. Let us know how it goes!!! And maybe you can cut a few things out of your schedule that you dont HAVE go be at/go to...just a thought, not sure if its possible or not.

Anonymous said...

I'm here tell me what I need to do to help and I will. This time of year is a lot of fun but it's completly draining at the same time. but if you need anything you know how to get a hold of me. I am looking forward to Monday night bunco but most of all I can't wait for Tuesday I have never eaten at Chipolte and I am so stoked....

everydaygrace said...

yes, at least for the 14th you can just show up :)

justdawn said...

My Swedish Friends makes Swedish Meatballs and Lefse every year on Christmas Eve. They are really delicious:)

~LL~ said...

Ooooh....thanks, Dawn. will look into the Lefse.

Kaira said...

I pride myself on having my cards in the postbox on my way out shopping on Black Friday - yet this year I haven't even started my cards and I have a sneaking suspicion I might not get to them at all - GASP!

Ashley said...

MERCY! You are crazy busy. Hope you're taking time to enjoy the holidays in the midst of being so busy. Good luck with all that's going on! :)