Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have some blogger-buddies who co-host this cool blog carnival. It's called "Tempt My Tummy Tuesday." Lisa, and her twin sister Lana, are the hostesses. You need to pop over to both of those sites TODAY!!! They are having a give-away, which is talked about on both sites....get on over there. Leave a link, a comment (on both sites) and mention in YOUR blog and you could win what I REALLY REALLY want. :D

Anyway, I honestly don't know how I came across these 2 lovely ladies, but I can say that they have helped me a lot with my own blog. When I started the "Making a Happy Home Monday" (thanks to my 6 regulars ;) ), Lisa helped me with Mr. Linky. And Lana designed my widget.....how cool is that?

OK....on to my own stuff.

You will be happy to know that I finally started my candy. I will post about the harder one later (it will take me longer and I have several pictures.)

I will share today about my CHOCOLATE Haystacks. (Last week, Lana did peanut butter haystacks...today, I'm doing chocolate.)


12 oz chocolate chips (I use semi-sweet)
6 oz butterscotch chips
1 can of chow mien noodles
1 cup chopped pecans

In a microwave, melt all the chips. (You can do this in a microwave, but be sure to stir every minute or so as the chocolate can scorch.)

When smooth, mix in your pecans and noodles.

Stir until coated.

Drop by teaspoons onto waxed paper to set.

Slap your momma!!!

I'll try to be back soon with some other candies. I'm about 1/3 finished.....last night, I made fudge, millionaire and the haystacks. It only took me about 3 hours....I was flying! :D


Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, you're on a roll or a haystack. Ha. These look great but I am not sure if I can get past the chow mein noodles :) I have seen this before and would definitely try them though. Happy TMTT!!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks really tasty there!! Ok, if we were having to bring just $3 for our Christmas around teh world I would so bring these (we have Japan, the chow mein noodles I am sure are Chinese but the kids won't know the difference)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Ummmm, those haystacks look delicious! Thank you so much for linking up with us today and I'll look forward to seeing you next Monday! Have a great holiday season!

threesidesofcrazy said...

Yum, yum and yum again!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I love these. I love butterscotch. I love yummy things!Thanks for participating in TMTT. Good luck with the giveaway!!!!!!

Alicia @ refinedisaiah648.blogspot.com said...

Holy cow that is a whole lotta haystacks!!! You have been a busy lady!

My sister also makes these. My Dh doesnt NOT like the noodles at all, but when my sister made the haystacks we gave him one to try, mind you he did NOT know they were mostly the noodles. Within one bite he was spitting it out! We thought we could get him to eat it without knowing....my mom, sister and I all bursted out laughing!! LOL!