Monday, June 29, 2009



It's that time of week again. It has been kind of hard for several reasons, the least of which is that I'm always on the go and it seems like Mondays come faster than every 7 days. LOL! Do you ever feel that way?

For those who are getting cookbooks....I will be able to get those in the mail on Friday. We are, shortly after this post, going to a hotel for a few nights to play, swim, horseback ride (hopefully) and other fun, vacation-y type things.

I have a lot going on in the house. A lot of projects started and planned. One thing that I did this week is finish my holiday journal. If you will remember one of my last posts, I shared my favorite website: This is the site from where I got the "innards" of my journal.
I spent a few hours getting everything printed and organized. If you follow the journal, then you will start August 30. So, you know, there is not a moment to lose.

Here is a picture of the completed notebook (outside), a picture of just some of the inside, and the book that follows along with the planner. The book was fairly inexpensive, if you should consider buying it.

I have all of the inside pages for my notebook in page protectors. Some of these pages can carry over from year to year. Some will need to be reprinted each year. My next project involving this will be to make a "master-copy."

Some of these printables (and these are all free, BTW) include: address section, calendar pages, recipes to try, party planner, weekly meal planner, budget list, gift list, ornament storage chart....pretty much every room that is involved in the holidays will be covered in this notebook.

If you love organization, you will LOVE:



Anonymous said...

okay I'm a little more than curious to look at that book....

Anonymous said...

I just clicked on the $800 blog - holy moley!

I'm not sure I could be that organized, but it does make you think.