Monday, June 01, 2009


So, my oldest son is kind of shy, really smart, scrawny, long-legged, big-footed, not too popular and a bit awkward. He is I identify with him.

The past few years of school have been kind of hard because of bullies. My son, whom I love, has come home many days, upset because that classmate said this or this classmate did that. Even children of friends have been an issue. Apparently, being friends with the momma or daddy doesn't always translate into the offspring being friends....but I digress.

Every time we have discussions about these others, my hubby and I always say the same...."We pray for them, we are friendly to them, and over all, we do the right thing."

Yes, it sucks sometimes. It hurts. It's not fair. But, God expects a certain behavior from us and that is what we will do.

FINALLY, after a few years of difficulties, my sweet boy received something that the class bully doesn't get. He received the Mustang of the Year award for our school.

This is a big deal for 2 reasons. First, it is very exclusive. There is only 1 boy and 1 girl chosen for ALL of kinder - 6th grade.....not 2 per class. Not even 2 per grade. Nope....2 for ALL of those children....between 800 and 900 children. Secondly, the Mustang and Lady Mustang of the Year are chosen by the teachers.

I finally had the chance to point out to my son that doing the right thing is seen and remembered.

THANK YOU, GOD for this wonderful reward.

*sorry for the quality of this photo...the lighting in the auditorium was really bad.


Alicia @ said...

Aw, that is sweet and wonderful!! I am so glad he got it too...I bet it made him feel really good about himself too!

The Bray Family said...

That is so awesome! I know you must have been so proud of him!
And all of my pics look the same way...dark :( It stinks....Oh well!
Congratulations to you and to him!

Reflections in My Mirror said...

You have done a wonderful job showing your children what Jesus is about! And it is paying off! What a great accomplishment for your son!

Anonymous said...

I hate that I was in Jacksonville during their awards and was not there to whoop and holler with you!! I am so proud of him way to go!!!

Theresa said...

What a wonderful testimony to how you are raising your children! Keep up the good work- it is working!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Guys!