Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hey, y'all. My friend, Lisa, has this cool blog carnival called "Tempt My Tummy Tuesday."

I'm not as diligent as I would like, but I try. :)

Anyway, a lot of us bloggers get together and share recipes and tips for the kitchen. I hope you will join us.

For my entry I would like some feedback. I hope Lisa doesn't mind (email me, girl, if ya do), but I'm going to kind of piggy back on her carnival.

I would like to know what all you do for sack lunches....specifically for school-agers. You can link to some or your blog posts, or just leave comments. (comments may be easier, now that I think about it.)

I have 3 boys in school this year. They are in grades 5, 3 and kinder. My 1st and 3rd are picky eaters (the 3rd being pickier.)

School lunches (through the cafeteria) are expensive. They are over $3 each. Fortunately, we are in a position to not qualify for free or reduced lunch. So that means that anytime my boys want a "hot plate," we must pay. In order to keep from spending a pretty chunk for lunch, we have told the boys that we will buy them 2 lunches per month. Anything else, they must pay for out of their own allowance.

I feel this is more than fair, especially considering that most of the lunches, the boys wouldn't eat. Also, they would more than likely walk away hungry, as they wouldn't eat the whole thing.

That being said, we make a LOT of sack lunches.....up to 15 per week.

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas. Something easy to fix, easy to eat, filling, healthy...I don't mind desserts. We send juice. We don't do high fructose corn syrup. But, it does seem like we fall into a PBJ rut.

Thanks, in advance, for sharing your ideas.


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I can't help ya here, seeing as Grace is only 2. I love pb&j growing up. :-)

Catey said...

My kids' favorite is leftovers. But I am also a mean mom, and my kids must make their own lunches! I try to have things that they like on hand, which usually defaults to sandwiches, but if they are making it, it's always the way they want it and they can't complain to me! ha!
They have also loved wraps, which are basically just the sandwich in a tortilla of course, but they think it's cooler. And they love yogurts with things to dip in it.

For some ideas, I'm sending you to my cousin Heidi-she is domestically amazing-one of my heros. www.mylaughinplace.blogspot.com, search school lunch and you'll see a few examples of what she does. She got these great lunch boxes that I have debated, but we've had so much stuff forgotten (or worse, stolen) that I haven't done it at this point.

LRFK said...

This year, I bought all four boys the Crayola sandwich boxes, hot/cold containers. I do sandwiches, chips, fruit and cookies most of the time, but I also make grilled cheese and soup, hot dogs, spaghetti/salad and other stuff like that.

Brenda said...

My kids always wanted to eat the same thing over and over. . . so I let them, as long as it was reasonably healthy. Especially since we are not there to see if they actually eat it, I prefered to send what they wanted.

Unknown said...

Gavin will only eat peanut butter sandwiches. I don't know what I'll do if he ever decides to not eat them!

Anonymous said...

My kids actual favorite is anything hot I put in their thermos. They love baby red potatoes and broccoli with a cheese sauce. (Quick and microwaveable at 6:30 a.m.) But for a really quick (and healthy) lunch I do a whole wheat tortilla wrapped around peanut butter, granola and dried fruit. They LOVE it. We also do BLT on tortillas, frozen cantelope balls (they are just frosty by lunch) are two other big hits. Maybe I should just write you a note before I exceed my space! =-)

Miss May said...

Michael loves to a take hot dog, bun and all, wrapped in foil.(He microwaves it in the morning and wraps it upa and thinks it's warm enought at lunch). Emily doesn't really like meat, but she will eat dry salami or pepperoni, so she makes her sandwich with cheese and one of those. I don't do chips, except as an occasional treat, so their sides can be yogurt, fruit, cheese or peanut butter crakers, graham crackers, string cheese. They can pick two sides. Emily doesn't really like sandwiches, so she will do the cheese in a flour tortilla sometimes too. She also likes what she calls a cheese dog. A hot dog bun filled with shredded cheddar cheese and she tops it with pace salsa.

~LL~ said...

Bon-Bon....I would like a cheese dog right now! LOL!