Monday, December 01, 2008


Now before you read into this, I just want to lay out this disclaimer. I am not mad at any person who may have found themselves involved in this. I'm just perturbed (for lack of an appropriate (i.e. STRONGER) word.)

Do you have a Facebook account? If you do, you will understand this. If not....well, I don't know if you will understand or not. I'm not going to explain the workings (as I see it) of FB. I will just jump in an assume that you know what I'm talking about....K?

So the other day, I was miffed at some folks I know who kept spouting off at the mouth, not taking into account that 1) the people hearing/reading this probably don't give a rat's rump and 2) we are TIRED of hearing it. By "we" I mean "me." I know....judgmental and all....but please, this is MY beef.

Anyway, in response to said, "MIFF"tification I put in my status bar, whatever-the-heck-it-is that "~LL~ is thinking, "You want out? Don't let the door bump your rump!"

No biggie...just my way to get in my dig without personally insulting folk and getting it OUT THERE so it is not bothering me.

My hubby tells me that he is afraid that some will think I'm referring to him.

Honestly, I was a bit upset with him over this because 1) it was NOT about him and 2) I don't care what others think.

Fast forward about 24 hours. HE gets a call from a person we knew in high school (and just recently re-connected), whose cousin (whom we have sort of known for about 2 years) saw it and asked her if WE were having issues in our marriage.

The person contacted my hubby, who is in the northeast somewhere, fighting weather and human stupidity, single-handedly, to ask if WE were OK.

Do you see why I am bothered by this? Probably not, but I just had to get it out there. I'm bothered by this. My hubby was bothered, too......not that he thought I was talking about him. He KNEW to whom I was referring. He just didn't want to put the idea in any body's head that we are having issues.....we aren't. my either know us SO WELL that you knew we weren't having issues (if that is the case....thank you!) OR you thought we were having issues and didn't care to check up on us. (If THAT is the case then WHAT THE HECK?)

OK....I'm done. You can start with whatever critical thing that you have to say. I just had to get this out of my was all ruinin' my MOJO and stuff!!! And I only have 24 days of Christmas celebration.

Now....for you viewing pleasure....I give you FACEBOOK!


Anonymous said...

i hear ya girl!! i do understand what you are saying, it does kinda suck, doesn't it?? the little video says it all!!! ;) hugs and prayers...

Unknown said...


Makes me glad that I don't FACEBOOK.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I saw that on your facebook but I knew you and D weren't having issues so that is why I didn't ask you about it.

Catey said...

Wow-that sounds fun. Glad all is well with you guys then! : )

Reason 793 why I haven't succumbed to facebook still. The little youtube bit totally cracked me up, it's entirely too true!

Jamey said...

LOL on the video! I am on face book and I get why your upset, you have to watch everything you type nowadays!

LRFK said...

That video is freaking hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Hey go to my blog you've been tagged I think you will like this one ;)

momto3_jjj said...

Very Funny! Although it makes me rethink having a FB page! :0)

Kaira said...

FB annoys me but I am still there. I've used my status bar in the same way before and the past few days I've been fighting the urge to let it rip again. I'm holding off and sometimes that is really hard when you are have strong opinions :)

Ashley said...

That video is so funny and TRUE!