Monday, December 15, 2008


So last night, I was going to start on my candy....well the humidity was about 70%. That would have messed me up. (It would have made the sugar that I was turning into caramel get crystals and then not set properly.)

I didn't start my candy. :( But, I did get to spend some time with my DH. He has been gone for almost 3 weeks solid. I've missed him.

The plan for today was to make candy, do some baking, then have some outside pictures taken of the family. Great plan....we can do it......

Until we woke up to windy, cloudy and 30 degrees!!! And that was the high.

SO, we cancelled the portraits for another, WARMER, day.

Couldn't work in the kitchen for 2 reasons.

We are having new windows and siding put up. (Thank you hubby, for a wonderful Christmas gift.) they were busting out the windows, I noticed projectiles popping all over.

"Um....excuse me, sir. That is NOT a pecan. It appears to be a hunk of dry-wall....perfectly preserved in a sugar crystal because my millionaire didn't set right because it is raining. SO SORRY!"

And, since they WERE busting out windows, it was freakin' COLD in the house. The little boys, hubby and I were forced to flee from room to room, fully-clothed, including jackets, and keep covers around us. All we did was watch TV and play games. Fun....but the noses were runny.....except for #4. He has an issue with clothing. He doesn't like it (unless it's his soccer monster shirt or scooby-doo "swim soup.")

He ran around half-naked all day. It'll be interesting to see about tomorrow.

It kinda sucked though. Cold as it was, I watched the humidity hover around 30%. Decided to make my candies tonight. Well...humidity is up to 55%. Hmmmmmm......

So I guess I'll do the OTHER stuff that doesn't have to set and pray that the humidity is down tomorrow. The windows are in, so nothing should be flying around the house.

Bitter disappointment if I don't get all my yummies made....BITTER disappointment.


Carla said...

NEW WINDOWS! In December, during a cold spell! Lady you are either brave or CRAZY!!! (however doing it during the summer heat would have been worse:)

Congrats on the windows, and good luck on the candy:)

~LL~ said...

And to think the difference 24 hours would have made....yesterday, it got up to 70....go figure. :D

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the new windows and siding. I know it will look beautimous!!!! I hope you took pictures of ya'll all bundled up and #4 half naked.

hopeful said...

What a day!

I'm tagging you. Come to The Hope Chest (

Forgot MHHM again. Maybe it's just not meant to be!!

erica said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Good job D on the early Christmas gift!
Sorry that it put a damper on candy making! Next time, call.... you could have taken over my kitchen!