Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My family and I go through 6-8 gallons of milk per week....yep, you read that right....per week. That is a lot of cash to dump into the dairy industry.

I usually buy Borden, though coupons can get me to buy a different brand from time to time.

Anyway, last week, I bought about 4 gallons and put in my fridge as normal. We drank one gallon. I then opened up a gallon. I poured it into one of my children's cups...there were small "chunkies" floating in it. EWWW :-( Since the cup was being recycled, I assumed the cup was worse off than I thought, I dumped the milk, grabbed a clean one and poured some milk in the new cup....there were chunkies in this as well.

WHAT?!?! I couldn't believe the milk wasn't fresh. There are a few things I'm crazy about....."sell by" dates are in that category....to me, "sell by" means "drink by." I KNEW I hadn't bought old milk....so crazed am I with the dates, that I often dig for the latest date. The sell by date was August 23....it was only the 13th.

Now I'm not one to call and complain....no really.....stop "guffawing" I really don't just call and complain. I just suck it up. BUT, milk is expensive and I go through so much. We called Borden and left a message. We were supposed to hear yesterday from a representative.

We didn't. I can't say that I was surprised...they ARE a big company and it's just ONE GALLON.

Today, they called. Not only did they call, but without any question or desire for the scenario, asked where I lived and said they were bringing me some milk.

"That's really not necessary, but I do appreciate it."

"Ma'am. It IS necessary and I will call you in 15 minutes when I'm on my way to your home."

Well.....he called in 10 minutes, showed up 15 minutes after that with 1 gallon of white milk and 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk.

We are sealed as "CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE."

Buy Borden...they treat their customers well.


Lynn said...

Wow, that is great customer service.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk Milk Prices.

My sister's fam runs a dairy there in Tx. They have "Organic" cows. Their milk sells here for $6.87 a gallon. We don't drink that.

Our normal milk here is $3.67 a gallon.

We drink between 9-12 gallons a week. There better not be any osteoporosis in this group. (I even save all the little caps that give our schools a nickel.)

I have done my part as a mother.

Milk almost costs as much as gas - you know if you don't mind that your cows had drugs.

I think in places like California and Hawaii they have some real stories to tell about milk prices!


Anonymous said...

Why can't everyone have customer service like them? I think you have convienced me to switch to Borden.

Alicia @ refinedisaiah648.blogspot.com said...

WOW! That is great!!! I do have to day that is a whole lot of milk for you all to drink a week...I will have to ask Paula, who has four kids too, if they drank this much when the kids were young!!!