Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My dear cyber-friend, Miss Paula, gave me this award. Thank you SOOO much.

I can't really remember how she and I found each other. I think she saw my link to Tollesons4Him and commented. I went to her blog to see who she was and VOILA! Fast friends!

Anyway, this is a fun award.

There are several blogs I check out daily:

Make You Work More
Miss Paula
Renewed in Him

all of these are in my sidebar.

BUT, I would like to nominate 3 that I don't believe I've ever nominated for an award.

First: Random Thoughts from the Zoo. This gal is so sweet. She has a beautiful family. I have known her since the end of 2003. I have never met her IRL, but have chatted on the phone. She and I are kindred spirits. We have a lot of the same convictions AND the quirky sense of humor. AND, she shares my love for Harry Potter. Go check her out!

Secondly: Absolutely His. I have just, in the past year, gotten to "know" this gal. She is a hard-working student with a love for Christ that is very refreshing to see. Give her a shout!

Finally: Mischief Managed - Or Not. Like the first nominee, I have known this blog author since 2003....and yes...they know each other, too ;) We were all preggers together, I and "Mischief" with our 3rd and "Random" with her 4th. I have met "Mischief" on several different occasions. We have the same likes, dislikes and "issues" with people. She is also a fellow Harry Potter fan. LOL! Go say, "Hey!"

Thanks again, Miss Paula. I love to know that someone is reading. LOVE YA!


Alicia @ said...

I went and said hi to absolutely His....we must be realatively close in age!!

Ashley said...

Hey thanks for the shout out. Glad to know someone likes my blog! :)

Ashley said...

Congrats on all your recent blog awards! Sorry I haven't been coming by as often ... BUT things have almost returned to a normal level of insanity, so I should be back checking in soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I like to come visit!! You have such a great sense of humor!!

Catey said...

Aww...thanks! : ) You do realize that one day we are gonna have to actually meet up, right? lol